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will giving up smoking bring back my sex life?

i have impotence which is erectile dysfunction and im desperate to cure it but dont know how,impotence ruined my relationship with a girl,she left me because i couldnt get it up anymore .will giving up smoking get it going again?cause i really want another gf but to get that i need to beat my impotence problem,smoking bought it on so if i give up smoking will things be back to normal again???

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2 Responses to “will giving up smoking bring back my sex life?”

  1. Scotchie said :

    I really don’t think it has something to do with you smoking or not…
    (unless, you are smoking crack or some crazy shit)

  2. Barcode said :

    Please read the following information to see what all can happen.

    What are my options?

    Definite DON’Ts


    Alcohol kills reproductive cells and decreases sperm viability. It also disrupts the link between the brain and the penis. Excessive use of alcohol inhibits the creation of the male sex hormone, androgen.


    Nicotine reduces arterial pressure and as a result, prevents blood circulation to the penis. In addition, toxic substances from smoking are detrimental for sperm maturation.


    Sharply reduces the level of male sexual hormones, disrupts chromosomes and promotes undesired genetic changes.

    Anabolic Steroids

    Anabolic steroids bear a close resemblance to testosterone and as a result, the body stops its natural production causing impotence to occur.

    High Cholesterol

    Too much cholesterol blocks the vessels providing blood to the penis and thereby reduces the blood flow necessary to maintain an erection.


    Being overweight can disrupt your hormone balance and, as a result, the production of hormones necessary for achieving erection can become insufficient.

    Chemical drugs

    Studies show that out of two hundred most used medicines; as many as sixteen are likely to cause impotence. Among the most risky are drugs used for the treatment of high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, ulcers, tumors, plus a couple of medications used to combat allergy.


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