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anyone have any low calorie healthy recipes?

I’m looking for low calorie recipes for meals…links to recipes from websites would be great too. lots of details are important as i am a novice cook…and trying to learn how to cook healthy foods for myself and my boyfriend…recipes should be at least enough to feed two. i’m trying to loose a little weight so i need the recipes to be low calorie…and i dont eat fish other than swordfish, or pork. thanks!…dinner meals please!

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2 Responses to “anyone have any low calorie healthy recipes?”

  1. MM said :

    My favourites are stir frys – so easy and so tasty.

    For a basic stir fry for 2 you’ll need:
    – 400 grams of chicken/beef/lamb strips or tofu if you like
    – Some noodles (two-minute noodles are fine, or you could go for udon or rice noodles – check the asian section of the supermarket)
    – Then any kind of veggies you like cut into thin strips – capsicum, carrot, sweet peas, baby corn, mushrooms – whatever takes your fancy!
    – Garlic
    – Soya sauce or a pre-made stir-fry sauce from the supermarket (just check the lable for ingredients to get the healthiest)

    Cook the meat first, then add veggies, when they’re cooked add your sauce and your pre-cooked noodles… very easy, very healthy and hardly any mess.

    Good luck!!!!

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