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Does anyone have any home-cooked healthy recipes for a cat?

I heard that the healthiest way to feed your cat and ensure they are getting the recommended nutrients is to just cook everything for them yourself. Store-bought cat food can be very misleading. Does anyone out there have any recipes for me?

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3 Responses to “Does anyone have any home-cooked healthy recipes for a cat?”

  1. BobbyJoe Horowitz said :

    Nope, but I have some healthy home-cooked-cat recipes!

  2. Kathleen said :

    I don’t have recipes, but if you buy cat food that says 100% Nutritionally Complete on the label, your cat will get all the nutrients s/he needs. If you’re still concerned, buy some cat vitamins, they’re available in the pet supplies section of most stores. I give them to my cat to make up any vitamins he may miss by being so picky.

  3. breezy said :

    I give my cat tuna…liver….shrimp…along with dry food staying in the dish to nibble on ..I just don’t add any spices to the cat’s liver and stuff…I save the water off tuna to pour on his dry food too…he looks healthy.


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