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Can anyone give me some easy, healthy recipes?

I have never really cooked in my life, but I want to learn how. Does anyone have any recipes that are healthy and good for a beginer? I bought some turkey breast cutlets I would love to cook them this weekend so a recipe for those would be great but Ill take any recipes that you guys can give me.
Oh yeah and if possible I dont want to have to spend a ton of money lol I am a college student so the cheaper the better

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One Response to “Can anyone give me some easy, healthy recipes?”

  1. redladyart said :

    Brown your turkey cutlets in a little olive oil; drain on paper towels. Slice an avocado into thin slices.

    Brown Texas toast–place turkey cutlet on toast, top with avocado, some tomato, onion, lettuce, if desired….top with a honey mustard dressing….delish!


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