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What are some easy, healthy recipes for a teen to do?

It’s summer, and I am home alone for quiet some time. So I have to cook for myself.
I am kind of a health freak, I won’t eat anything really unhealthy even though I might crave it (mostly sweet things like ice cream, cookies, and stuff.) But I am quiet picky.
Is there a website that has some easy healthy recipes I can make?
Or can you just list the name of the dish so I can look up the recipe?

Please and thank you=]

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3 Responses to “What are some easy, healthy recipes for a teen to do?”

  1. smile, it confuses people! said :

    chicken, pasta and garlic casserole!

  2. musicimprovedme said :

    Summer is a good time for single raw foods that you can just eat without a lot of fussing around and without heating up the house. I always think of summer as a time for snacks which means, to me at least, just means smaller amounts of food that is easy to prepare. Still can be balanced nutrition and healthy stuff!

    Go for things like grapes, bananas, apples, berries, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes…whatever produce looks good dipped in ranch if you like. Whatever looks good and is in season. Make yourself a big old salad and toss it with some olive oil and citrus juice, salt, pepper, garlic. Don’t be afraid to mix fruits and veggies together. Berries go great in a mixed green salad, and tropical fruits like pineapple, melons, and mango can be made into spicy salsas!

    You can also grill up some chicken breasts, add a baked potato (or a sweet potato) from the microwave, and some of your salad. If you grill a couple chicken pieces ahead of time, you can store them a couple days, and mix them with some honey mustard and pickles for a chicken salad. Ham steak is also pretty lean and cooks up quickly and easily. Maybe you have a George Foreman grill laying around which makes things easy in the summer. You can also grill up almost any vegetable. Just slice it about half inch thick and rub a little olive oil, salt, and pepper on it. Good summer veg to grill include squashes, eggplants, onions, tomatoes, and even fruit.

    Tortilla chips and pita are pretty healthy, so are triscuit crackers. You can use these to dip with or to make tiny little sandwiches with. When you read the ingredients on a package of food, the easier they are to understand, and the fewer the ingredients are in a food, the better. So…when you look at chips, the plain old tortilla chips are basically just corn, oil, and salt. That is pretty simple for a snack food, unlike a chip that has been spray painted with cheese like Doritos or Cheetos.

    There is also yogurt, which is a lovely snack and can be used for smoothies. Try to keep some fruit pieces frozen up to thicken your smoothies instead of ice. Pure flavor, and an excellent use of fruits that are getting a little too soft to eat like bananas…which helps you not to waste them.

    Eggs are also pretty good for you in moderation, and they are really easy to fix and super versatile.

    If you like peanut butter get some of that. You can get healthier kinds with no added sugar, and you can also get a better jelly…basically a fruit spread with fiber (really yummy…just plain mashed up fruit with its pulp and seeds, it is just like jam only not much added ingredients like sugar)…and then make your PBJ with some whole grain bread.

    You might enjoy growing your own herbs. Try it as a hobby and to improve your food! They are cheap to get started and then as long as you give it some water every now and then and don’t over harvest them, they will continue to produce for a very long time, for FREE. You don’t pick them, you trim off what you need and the plant keeps growing. Since some herbs are really expensive, this is a good way to get a delicious bargain. When the weather gets cool, bring them inside. Tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers are really easy to grow as well!

    Have a great summer!

  3. What are some cheap, easy and healthy recipes? | Easy Healthy Recipes said :

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