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Can I put a little package of Green Tea in boiling milk instead of water?

My friend keeps telling me to drink green tea, but it just don’t like the taste. I want to experiment making the tea in milk, but I don’t know if the mix might be bad for my stomach.

Will it be bad for my stomach to make green tea with boling milk?

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8 Responses to “Can I put a little package of Green Tea in boiling milk instead of water?”

  1. c'est moi said :

    It most certainly won’t harm your stomach. Just make sure you don’t scorch the milk…. I have to tell you though..if you don’t like the taste of green tea in boiling water.. boiling milk will NOT disguise the taste. Give it a go though.. what the hell do you have to lose?

  2. L_n_C_fReAk said :

    green tea with milk huh?! c’mon it doesnt taste that good tea must be drank w/o milk. thats the best way of drinking any type of tea at all

  3. Snow on Cedar said :

    No, good lord, do NOT put green tea in milk! It’ll curdle into an awful mess.

    Try a good quality green tea, perhaps a flavored one like has. Apricot green is excellent and less grassy than some.

  4. mtzstaz said :

    NO Way,,,, it will curdle. Try squeezing a lime or lemon in the green tea. It will give it a different taste.

  5. Chase H said :

    It will taste really bad! it will also make u throw up! if you have a strong stomach then it will probably be ok.

  6. Sp S said :

    no never it wont unless your lactose but no you could try half milk half waterbut green tea wont taste any better with milk cus green tea has some special ingrediant that makes it good for you but that ingrediant tastes nasty,you should just try indian tea that tastes real good

  7. kmennie said :

    Bad for your stomach…? No; it’ll still just be milk and tea — if you don’t normally have a problem with either, no worries.


    I — no joke — just got up, and heated some milk (1%) to simmering with a teabag in it.

    I love that sort of thing on Yahoo! Answers — seeing stuff you never would’ve thought of yourself, but which isn’t completely nuts, either.

    It didn’t curdle, but you’d probably have to watch it — I took it off the heat shortly after it started to simmer. Surprisingly, that was enough to get the tea out of the bag.

    Originally, I concurred with the idea that if you don’t like green tea, you’re not going to like green tea in milk. But, tea in milk, with honey, turns out to be a lot more appealing to me than tea with milk in it, which I don’t normally like too much.

    Try it. At least it works, and won’t do anything bad for you at all — hot milk is rather relaxing. If it fails and you still want green tea benefits, I’m sure I’ve seen it sold in pill form as a ‘nutritional supplement.’ Google “green tea capsules.”

  8. old lady said :

    No, it won’t be bad for your stomach to make green tea with boiling milk, but it won’t make very good tea. You need the clear boiling water to get the right infusion. If you don’t like the taste of green tea, just let it steep for five minutes so you get the benefit from it, (same as ordinary tea) but add cream and sugar before you drink it. That way you get the benefit but the taste is much more pleasant.


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