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Can I use my food processor as a blender?

I overworked my blender trying to make cheesecake yesterday and the machine began to smoke. Realizing that a food processor is the better for the job, I went out and bought one. Other than using it for solid food, would it do the job if I want to make the occasional shake or smoothie?

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6 Responses to “Can I use my food processor as a blender?”

  1. jthompson010 said :

    It can make shakes and smoothies, though not as well as the blender due to the blender’s shape. The vertical shape of the blender container which comes to a small point creates better circulation than a processor, but you could still get by with the processor.

    Also, try using a stand mixer for the cheesecake…

  2. sarah b said :

    why not i mean whats going to happen if you do

  3. p h said :

    Yes, I give you permission.

  4. Juan E said :


  5. Cranky said :

    I no longer have a blender. I have two food processors.

    Yes, it’s OK to use your processor as a blender. The only thing you have to remember to do is to use a fine blade and you will have to process whatever you’re making, longer, to make sure it’s smooth.

  6. foodieNY said :

    Yes it would, it is just the pouring it over into a glass that would make it awkward.


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