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How can I make a peach smoothie ?

If you are always in a hurry and forget to take some of the good stuffs, a ten-minute peach smoothie is prefect for you. It is very easy to do with only three ingredients on the recipe that needs a single appliance to prepare. All you need to make a peach smoothie are half cup of milk, vanilla flavoring, a cup of peaches cut into tidbits and a blender.

Start by preparing all the ingredients needed to make your peach smoothie and throw it all in your blender. Measure your milk with a regular measuring cup, put some vanilla on your milk and pour the mixture in your blender. See if you have enough peaches on your smoothie by doing some taste test and add if needed depending on how you like your smoothie. It is best to use frozen peaches to make your smoothie smoother. Start blending your smoothie until you get the consistency you prefer. If you see that your smoothie is not rotating while blending, take the lid of and stir it with a spoon or shake the blender to bring the unblended peaches and ice cube.

To cut the ten minutes in your ten-minute peach smoothie, you can have your peaches in a much smaller piece; this will make it easier for the blender blade and turn your peach smoothie smoother fasters. If you want your peach smoothie to have small bits of peaches, you can set your blender in ice-grating mode. If you want to add any sweetener to your smoothie, you can do so by taking the lid off the blender and putting the desired sweetener and blend it for another several seconds.

Always remember that the quantity of ingredients depends on how you like it, if you want to add more o this and that, you can do so. Again, if you want to shorten your time cleaning up, which most of us hate when using appliances, once you are done with your smoothie, pour it in a glass, fill your blender with soap and water solution, and let it rest.

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