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How can I make green smoothies ?

One of the best ways to store vitamins, fibers, amino acids and minerals is through green smoothies. You can easily sneak all of this good stuff in smoothies and can even make them taste savory or fruity. It is proven that smoothies helps in weight loss, proper digestion, vitamin B12 absorption, as well as making your teeth and bones stronger.

It is very easy to make green smoothies; all you need is a head of kale, three bananas, fresh pineapples, water, oranges or tangerines, ice cubes and a blender. You can also add nut butter, nuts or coconut oil if you want a thicker and extra fat texture.

First, throw kale leaves in a blender and add water. Blend it with few ice cubes about a minute or two. Cut pineapples in chunks, peel tangerines and bananas throw it all in the blender. Put some more ice to prevent it from getting warm. Now, add all the extras you want like hemp seeds, green powder, protein powder or any nutritional supplements you want.

Lastly, blend your smoothie on a level for a minute and add speed on your blender for another minute. The amount of time you blend your smoothie is up to you, check the texture of your smoothie and have it the way you like it. Once satisfied, pour it in a glass and enjoy your smoothie. This power pack drink is a hit especially in a raw food community.

If it is your first time to try a smoothie, you can put more fruits in it to make it tastier. As you go along having smoothie, your taste buds will adjust and the ratio of your green can be adjusted. You can do this with any green vegetables, for now; try it with a lighter green like spinach, collards or the one that we just used, kale.

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