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Can you substitute whey protein powder for flour when baking?

I recall reading that you can do this when you’re baking something. Has anyone ever tried this, and if so, how’d it work and how did it taste?

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6 Responses to “Can you substitute whey protein powder for flour when baking?”

  1. billyandgaby said :

    You could, but it wouldn;t taste the same or even rise the same.

  2. Paul Ding said :

    One of the bigger waste disposal problems in the food industry is getting rid of whey.

    If they could simply haul it to a nearby bakery, they surely would. They don’t.

    Consequently, I think you’ve got your hands on a really bad idea.

  3. leftfielder300 said :

    It would be bad because Whey and flour both have different tastes and consistencies.

  4. Mlle.BMW said :

    NO NO NO! Whey protein powder is entirely different from wheat flour, or any other flour for that matter. Whey is a milk product, hence it’s high protein content. It simply wouldn’t work and it’d taste like hell.

  5. LX V said :

    No no no
    You can add a SCOOP of whey protein to your baking. But make sure you do it with heavier items like breads and muffins, not anything that’s delicate or tender (like pastry and cakes)

    Protein toughens baked goods. Different flours use different amounts of protein (bread flour has the most, pastry the least).

    So if you add protein in the form of whey, you will either end up with a denser, chewier item. Or you have to take away protein by using a ‘lighter’ flour.

  6. DeliciasyVariedades said :

    Whey protein (mainly casseine) is a product from milk. nothing to do with flours. It contains rich amounts of protein. Flours contain only a small part of different proteins depending on the flour type.
    You can susbtitute it by whole powder milk (milk is where whey comes from, it is a part of it ). Powder milk has more protein concentration than normal milk. . It wont be the same, but it will work. Also add some extra tbspn baking powder for better leavening.


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