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What drink can I substitute for crystal light, besides water?

I still drink water but sometimes it can get bland.

I’ve recently heard that crystal light can cause cancer due to the sugar substitute.
So, what healthy drink should I purchase to replace this?

Iv’e been thinking about v8 fusion light, welches grape juice, ocean spray, or Kellog’s protein water.

Any suggestions?

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7 Responses to “What drink can I substitute for crystal light, besides water?”

  1. Pegggo said :

    if you really enjoy your crystal light, some crystal light has Splenda in it. I have found this to be in the premixed one in a bottle. if you are trying to stay away from that also go to your local health food store ask them for drinks with stevia in it. Stevia is a natural sweetener, it doesn’t cause the problems that sugar can with diabetics.

  2. Viv said :

    Sobe, or vitimin water! (my fav-vitimin water)

  3. Alinaaa D said :

    Fruit 2o It comes in diffrent flavors and it is crystal light but with no sugar and it is just flavored water

  4. irishkittie79 said :

    Ummm…what? Where did you hear that? Even if it was true, the chances of getting cancer would be very small.

    If you want something else, I would recommend Propel. They have several flavors and taste great.

  5. Ozeki said :


  6. cutemel10 said :

    flavored water.theres lemon,raspberry,orange,grape,strawberry,cherry.or put lemon juice in your water.besides flavored water has 0 calories.

  7. Michal R said :

    it is very good

    you can buy at WALYS MARKET

    this good syrup like in rasberry, strawberry, other flavors,etc.

    healthy and cheap


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