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Healthy recipes for finicky family?

Help. My husband and two kids are the pickiest eaters ALIVE. I thought I was finicky, but these 3 top the charts. And feeding them is making ME fat. I can’t eat the way that they do, but we can’t afford to cook a different meal for everyone. I need some healthy recipes that I can actually talk them into eating. I love vegetables, but my husband HATES them. He only eats corn. None of them will eat mushrooms, peppers, tomato, onion, or broccoli. We don’t eat pork, but beef and chicken are alright. I like turkey, but my husband will only eat it on Thanksgiving. He hates roast beef, by the way. I can NOT eat anymore pasta or mashed potatoes. Any tips?
lol to the first response.

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6 Responses to “Healthy recipes for finicky family?”

  1. Tom R. said :

    1. Slap your husband, slap kid one, slap kid two.
    2. Go into the kitchen, and cook what YOU want to eat.
    3. Let the satisfaction of a delicious meal drown out the hungry whining of your progeny.

  2. lonijean said :

    Tell them that if they want to act so ungrateful, they can cook their own meals.

  3. dixie58 said :

    i have a picky daughter and even she likes this its good and simple and made in the crock pot.ok here goes. take 5 or 6 boneless skinless chicken breast seson with salt,black pepper,seasoned salt and garlic in alarge a bowl mix 1 large can cream of chicken soup with 1 large can cream of mushroom soup ( i prefer campbells but use whatever brand you like ) pour over the chicken breast in the crockpot.cook for 8 hours or longer if you like.when you are ready for dinner make either rice or noodles whatever you want and serve the meat and gravy it makes over it.serve with rolls or bread and a salad or veggie if you like. it is really good.good luck.

  4. eddygordo19 said :

    It’s hard to imagine a compromise when they won’t eat any vegetables. So, I’m afraid it’s war.

    Put your foot down and tell them that they can either eat what you cook, or they can fend for themselves. My mom had a favorite saying while I was growing up: “yours is not to ask why, yours is to do or die”.

    And the same can go for your husband. He’s a big boy, so he can cook his own meals if he’s not willing to grow up.

  5. Genaj said :

    A suggestion, have your kids help pick out a menu and prepare the food. Sometimes kids are more willing to try something new when they have a choice or a hand in preparing it.

  6. papillion123 said :

    Make what you want and if they won’t eat it tell them they’re not allowed to eat anything else unless they eat it.
    As the mother of them, you are entitled to make them eat what you have cooked for them. My mum makes me eat things all the time.


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