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How can I become a wine tasting expert ?

Many people feel that only elites can become professional wine tasters. Contrary to this belief, wine tasting is a skill that anyone can learn. It would take knowledge and practice, but it is definitely possible. Here are some guidelines in becoming a wine tasting expert:

1) Get yourself acquainted with the wine lingo. Buy a book on the variety of wines around the world and get a copy of a wine dictionary. This is an important step to mastering the art of wine tasting because without understanding the terms used by wine tasting experts, you can’t practice the skill.

2) You can take a course available online or on-site from professional wine tasters. These people can help you expand your knowledge about wine and even offer juicy tricks of the industry. After a comprehensive course, the next thing you have to do is practice. Understand that even though the practice is called wine tasting, it involves your sense of taste, smell and sight. Practice examining the wine’s color, differentiating its smell and slowly enjoying the taste of wines every time you drink a glass. Remember that you won’t become knowledgeable about wines without practice, so make it a habit to use your senses. With enough practice, you can easily identify the different types of wines.

3) Wherever you buy wine, make sure to try different types. Once you’ve tried one brand, switch to another brand or flavor. Choose unusual varieties from different parts of the world, especially the ones that are not being advertised as ‘tried and tested wines’. Doing this would expand your knowledge in wine varieties and also discover new wine tastes that may become your favorites. You should also make a personal diary and take notes of each wine brand or flavor you taste with its respective origin, variety, year and strength to keep track of the ones you’ve tasted. Include your personal observations about its color, taste and smell.

4) Once you’ve learned the lingo, mastered the basics, undergone practice and explored plenty of wine varieties, practice blind tasting to give you an idea of how much you’ve learned.

If you do well on your blind tasting, you can visit wineries and share your opinions on new flavors as an expert wine taster.

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