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What do you do if your friend is drinking two bottles of wine every night?

At first, I used to enjoy going out, but have realised that my mate is pissed before she even gets to my house. What can I do to help? Give her non alcoholic beer and hope she doesn’t notice? She also drinks and drives, after two bottles of wine.

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11 Responses to “What do you do if your friend is drinking two bottles of wine every night?”

  1. Nado said :

    you could help your friend by doing a trick u could give her soda to drink and i think she will like it and you could give her an advice you could tell her not to drink and if you knew somebody that had an accident from drinking tell her and i think she will get scared (:

  2. иєєиα said :

    smack her silly!

  3. cyberfly00 said :

    get some non alcoholic wine. or call the police when she drives drunk(tough love) it might be the wake up call she needs. better to pay a fine and spend some time in jail instead of her or someone else in a graveyard

  4. Mr. Sonny said :

    Get her to seek help any way you can–that’s what friends are for.

  5. sierra said :

    dont let them drink alone might as well drink with them.

  6. bwitt321 said :

    Do an intervention.

  7. Blonde Ambition said :

    if thwey are drinking alone then confront them and ask wahts wrong

  8. heart o' gold said :

    Tell her you care about her and are worried about her drinking and suggest she consider rehab.

  9. Spinnacak said :

    Buy box wine and save money, and disable her car. Also, call me when the party gets started.

  10. ffl04122007 said :

    Take her keys away. Then buy two bottles of wine for yourself and join her.

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