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How can i drink a shot easier?

Do you know any tips or tricks on how to drink a shot easier? A lot of times I tend to gag, or its just overall an unplesant expeience. Please no recomendations to try drinking beer, mixed drinks, etc. I realize I can do that, but I’m intrested in creative ways to get a shot down.

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17 Responses to “How can i drink a shot easier?”

  1. desertdiva said :

    Pinch your nose the whole way through then suck on a lemon or lime after…

  2. ROSETTA S said :

    dont drink any

  3. mila69n said :

    first of all try something that is not so harsh like a ginger brandy….my gosh

  4. blueangel said :

    Hold your nose. It looks a little geeky, but it works. Just don’t let go of your nose until you have completely swallowed it… OR do like I do, don’t drink shots…:)

  5. julisa_aje said :

    sometimes when you drink tequila, sucking on a lemon then licking the salt will chase the flavor. I just plug my nose whle I drink it then I can’t taste it.

  6. der_grosse_e said :

    Maybe you should stick to soda lad!

  7. its4me2 said :

    I get the smell of it first, before drinking it down. In my younger days, I used to win contests for drinking shots, cause they did not think I could do it. I would eat a pickled polish sausage while doing shots. The taste of the vinegar helped to deaden the senses that cause the shivers. It helped that I love the taste of vinegar too.

  8. cutebraveschick said :

    just down it and get it over with

  9. Gerry A said :

    hold your breath,close your eyes then take the shot!!!

  10. said :

    My answer is simple ……. If it is unpleasant then why are you doing it? sounds like you have an issue with pressure more than the ability to drink….. what is the point ???

  11. Amanda said :

    Open your mouth and throw the shot to the back of your throat. Works like a charm.

  12. BloNde AnD sMaRt said :

    Swallow it.

  13. sweet_leaf said :

    Throw your head back and take the whole shot into your mouth, then gulp it down in 3-4 swallows. It’s much easier this way.

  14. Caleb B said :

    try pinching da nose and da old lemon trick or wat i would do salt on da palm

  15. Metal Baby said :

    i dont smell it.. i feel that will cause some hesitation… i just down it in one gulp kinda throw your head back…its much easier that way…no gagging involved… i love shots…

  16. uknownpoop said :

    think of how wonderful you will feel when you get buzzed instead of the taste of the shot, shut your eyes, tilt your head back, and bottoms up!

  17. Melanie M said :

    OK. I am an old hand at this, and what I’m about to tell you works every time. I don’t know if you smoke, but it helps. OK here it goes. Before taking the shot, gather all of your implements, a smoke, a chaser (I use different sodas depending on the liquor), and your shot. Exhale all the way. Before you finish inhaling, take the shot, chase it with soda, and take a drag of your smoke. Then you can exhale again. The reason you shiver and gag is probably the ‘after-vapors’. If you exhale directly after taking the shot, you will probably shiver, gag, and/or contort your face. This method will kill that and make you look bad-ass, I promise.


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