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How can you train your dog to lick their lips after they’re done drinking water?

My dog is a female chocolate lab (beautiful) and she doesn’t lick her lips after she is done taking a drink of water. After her last gulp it all falls out of her mouth and then trails it all over the kitchen floor. Its almost like she never learned it from when she was a puppy. How can we train her to lick her lips after she’s done taking a drink of water?

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8 Responses to “How can you train your dog to lick their lips after they’re done drinking water?”

  1. amberlikesflowers. said :

    Mm, show her videos of other labs licking their lips?
    Maybe she’ll get the idea.

  2. ♥ APBT Owner ♥ said :

    You can’t really teach a dog to do that…some dogs do and some don’t….its not like she had too….

    Shes a dog.

  3. rosie said :

    Well i never heard of this with a lab as they don’t have loose lips like a bull dog.Next time you go to the vet have them check her mouth for any growths in her mouth or maybe a baby tooth that needs to come out.If this isn’t the problem try smearing p-nut butter on her top lip to get her to lick her lips.

  4. NuttyforElmo said :

    If you can catch her doing it you can encourage it, otherwise you might need to put a mat under her water.

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  8. Nur said :

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