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How can I train a dog to lick my feet?

I hear that dogs love to lick human feet, and I hear that it feels really good when you get your feet licked by a dog. Since the dog and I both enjoy it, how can I train a dog to lick my feet? I plan to get a husky puppy soon, so how do I train the husky to lick my feet?

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16 Responses to “How can I train a dog to lick my feet?”

  1. Bent nail said :

    Peanut butter on the toes.

  2. Julie K said :

    you should never do that
    that is really gross

  3. crayzmamii said :

    dats gross… please dont train ur dog to do that… i think its considered animal abuse

  4. Kimberly B said :

    the best way is to get your feet real smelly.

    this is the nastiest question I have seen on yahoo answers. yucko

  5. Zelda21 said :

    Put a small amount of peanut butter on your toes, not too much or it will make your puppy sick.
    Choose a one word command such as “LICK”
    Before the puppy starts licking your toes or feet say the command loud and firm
    Eventually you will not need the peanut butter, all you will need is a dry treat and to give your dog the command to “LICK”. After the dog has done as you have asked then give him/her the treat.
    Be sure not to do this for too long each time, or your puppy will become bored and it will no longer be a fun game for him or her.

  6. Justin said :

    Walk around in a pile of Kibbles and Bits…proceed to stick feet in dogs face. Enjoy!

  7. rottymom02 said :

    LOL!!! my one dog does this and it is annoying, and gross!! I’ll have her Email your new dog with instructions!!! ROFLOL

  8. Nicole M said :

    i think they just do it without training

  9. sissybug said :

    why would you want to?

  10. pumpkin said :

    I don’t know if Husky’s are really into that. My blue heeler loves licking my feet and legs, (I really don’t care much for this).
    Get a blue heeler instead, they dig the feet.

  11. dumplingsays_he said :

    the reason dogs like to lick feet is because of the salt from sweat. Yes i think it is gross as well but their are members of my family who like it and watching it really makes me sick. i don’t now that i would use peanut butter because that is what they will expect every time they go to lick your feet.

  12. Kaity W. said :

    I don’t think they need much training for that. My dog tries to do it whenever I get out of the shower. I dunno if she’s thirsty or just trying to get her smell on me again. Haha..

    Altho – I wouldn’t recommend this. I don’t know if you have houseguests or anything like that from time to time, but many dogs think that if it’s ok to do that to you then they will attempt to with others. Not all people may like that. Be careful!

    Good luck with the dog!

  13. Jennifer P said :


  14. scuzmonobama said :

    hi dose anybody know if there is a specific type of dog breed that loves licking feet. my last dog was a mungrel and was so good at it, i never had the need to wash my feet. sadly though he has recently died of a rare agresive type of mouth cancer. i miss his foot lick deep clean so much. can anybody advise me on a good foot licking cleaner breed of dog.

  15. Anne said :

    I love when my dog licks my feet and legs sometimes I use peanut butter or honey

  16. Julie Watson said :

    Peanut butter is good. I love having my feet licked by a dog. My dog died two years ago so now when it is warm enough for sandals and bare legs I rub some peanut butter on my feet and legs and go out to the park. It feels great when a dog licks my skin, I would love to ge another one.


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