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How do I train my dog not to get in my pickup w/canopy?

We just got an 11 month old Leonberger to join our other Leonberger’s but the new one is scared to get in the back of my truck. It has a canopy on it and I think it may be because of the long flight/crating he had in flying over to us about 1 month ago.

My other Leos/Huskies have no problems hopping in. How do I train the new one to get over his fear and hop in the truck with the canopy on along with the other dogs? I’ve also tried buying a dog ramp to get in and out with so he doesn’t have to jump in/out, but that seems to have no positive impact. I’ve also tried enticing him with yummy treats into the truck.

I am now just leaving the truck bed open with the ramp on it all day with some treats in the bed in hopes that he will find his own comfort with it over the coming days/weeks. Any solid advice would be appreciated!

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5 Responses to “How do I train my dog not to get in my pickup w/canopy?”

  1. ginbark said :

    Sounds like what you are doing is good. Did you try feeding him in it. Even if you have to pick him little feat with a If he is inside does he panic? If he doesn’t try taking him and a dog friend for a short ride to a dog park or a fun place. Rescue Remedy is good for scared dogs. Try training him to hop onto a bench and then use that word for the truck. Some dogs never like car rides, I’ve never had have had friends who had to always put their dogs into the car. Good luck..

  2. River Hermit said :

    Hello…well no matter what..I can tell you it is not & never good to let dogs jump in & out of the beds of trucks, matter how good they do it, it can really overtime take a toll on their hips…I would use a ramp, they have one’s that just lay in the bed & you pull out ..very cool, good & best for the dogs too…it might help her adjust, am sure the flight has somethig to do with it too..unless you’re right there with them, sometimes the dogs are not well cared for 🙁 !! Take Care 🙂

  3. Matthew L said :

    I have a dog that wouldn’t get in the back of the truck. I would get him to come to the back of the pickup and then grab him by the collar and scruff of the rump and throw him in. He eventually learned to jump in.

  4. luvmyrotts said :

    I had the same problem with my Rotts. Only the oppisite. In the past I have always hauled them in my SUV, so when I asked them to get into the back of a pick-up (no canopy) they had absolutely no idea what I wanted them to do.
    I simply backed the pick-up into a low spot or on to a bank so that they didn’t have to jump at all. Just walk into the bed of the truck. Now they know exactly what they need to do if they want to go for a ride.
    I hope this helps.
    P.S. I tried the treats and ramp too, didn’t work for me either.

  5. skippa_10 said :

    First of all lucky you having Leonbergers they are just beautiful dogs.

    This is difficult. One of my dogs hates the car but he tolerates it now and doesn’t throw up anymore [LOL] I suggest taking him out and letting him see the other dogs jump in. Put him in (I know lifting him won’t be easy but it’s your only way of getting him in there).

    Every time you put him in the truck soothe him with a gentle voice and praise him just for being in there. Stroke him, pat him, talk to him in a calm manner. Then take him for a short ride to a park or somewhere and let him have a run. Take him to various places where he just gets to associate riding in the truck with something pleasurable.

    Occasionally leave him and the other dogs in the truck while you go somewhere out of sight. I am not advocating leaving them totally unattended. Especially in really hot weather. (I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that.) All I’m suggesting is go somewhere they can’t see you but you can see them and watch them for about five minutes (assuming the weather isn’t too hot to do this) and let him get to know nothing is going to happen to him.

    He may never be truly comfortable but he will get the sense that the other dogs aren’t scared of the truck and will certainly improve.

    Good luck.


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