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How can I train my dog to sleep in a dog bed?

My dog has slept in the same bed as me all his life. But lately hes been getting on my nerves lol. And sometimes keeps me awake. I wanna train him to sleep in a bed next to mine. But everytime i put him there he gets up right away and gets back in my bed! How can I train him to sleep on it? Is it mean to do it after hes slept in a bed all his life?

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7 Responses to “How can I train my dog to sleep in a dog bed?”

  1. jams said :

    put a doggy gate in ur bed room door and put the bed right outside it.

    he’ll get the hint.

  2. »-(¯`v´¯)-»♫♥Kayla♥♫ said :

    You may need to get a kennel and put his bedding in it. at night for the first couple of weeks put him in it and close the door. After a while he will go to his bed. Just say”_______ bedtime.” That is what I would do.

  3. drewhenderson13 said :

    i believe this is a case of “…old dog new trick”

    but it is possible, you just have to be willing to deal with it.

    dogs respond to aggressiveness (doesn’t necessarily have to be violent). if you want him to get off your bed then scold him. then direct him to the bed you want him to sleep in.

    it would also help if you put his bed between your bed and the entrance to the room. dogs like to sleep between you and the entrance to the room to “protect” you. even if their not an aggressive dog they still have the instinct.

  4. Laurel M said :

    Tell them to lay down when standing on it and when they r laying down give them a treat but if they get up take the treat away or eat it yourself (use cheese pretzels, and hotdogs) or get a crate and put the bad in it and then crate train then this i alot more expensive cuz of the cost of the crate and it is a lot harder to crate train a dog!Q!!!!!!

  5. Rose said :

    If you use a crate or gate, you dog will whine and cry. Just continue letting him sleep with you.

  6. a1600744 said :

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