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How do you cook a minute steak ?

Minute steak is a type of steak cut in a very thin slice, which can be cooked in a very short time. Usually, minute steak is consisted of thin slices of sirloins or round steak, although just about any beef can be used in making minute steak. Due to the fast and easy preparation for making minute steak, they have become affixed in most homes where home cooked meal time is very limited.

One part of the process of preparation for minute steak is thoroughly pounding and scoring the meat surface. This can be done using a kitchen mallet for the purpose of making it easier to cut the meat with a fork. It also help in making the juice of the meat secrete during the cooking process, as well as making the seasonings penetrate in the meat. As a result, the meat will stay supple and moist when cooked.

Normally, minute steak is pan fried. After the scoring and infusing of the seasonings, the minute steak is put in a pre-heated pan and let seared for a moment of two. Then, the meat is turned, allowing the other side of the minute steak to cook. At this stage, you can add any other liquid seasonings in the pan if you want to make the steak a bit saucy, most people prefer soy sauce. This will add some extra flavor in your steak.

This simple scored and pounded beef is named for the face that it really takes only a moment or two to cook the meat, which makes minute steak perfect when there is not much time for meal preparation. You can find different varieties of minute steaks in the market, and they are mostly pre-packed. Because of its thin slice, the minute steak can be thawed easier and faster.

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