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How do I braise ribs ?

Braising meat may be a long process but the result is definitely worth the effort. Once the ribs are brown, allow enough time for slow cooking to break the meat down making it juicy and tender. Every bite on your braised ribs will make you forget the effort and time you spend preparing it. It is very easy to braise ribs, all you need is lour, carrots, beef or chicken broth, onions, celery, bay leaves, salt, peppercorn, garlic and of course, your pork or beef ribs.

Whether you are using pork or beef for your braised ribs, the preparations are all the same. Start by breading the ribs with flour and cook it in a hot oiled pan until it is golden brown on both sides. You can put eggs in your flour if you want, but eggs are not that necessary. Remember that you will be putting your meat in the oven after browning, so you can prepare your oven pan while browning the meat to save some time if you are planning to use another pan, but it is best to use the same pan.

Put chopped celery, onions and carrots in the pan and add spices and vegetables in the pan. If you are using a different pan, take the liquid on the browning pan and add pour it over the ribs and the other chopped ingredients. Cover the pan, set your over to three hundred degrees and braise the ribs for about three hours. Check the meat’s tenderness once finished before you serve it. A perfect braised rib has meat that easily falls off.

If you are braising with large proportion, brown the meat in batch to keep a single layer. You can also use your favorite wine for braising in alternative to broth. Don’t regret the time that you will be spending in preparing such dish for the taste of a perfectly braised rib is truly rewarding.

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