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How do you prepare fish ?

Fish is one of the most popular and healthiest main dishes in the world. Fishes come in saltwater and fresh varieties and are included in thousands of recipes worldwide. There are several different ways to prepare fish; most of these methods are easy to do. The secret in making great fish dishes, however, is selecting good fish. As such, it is important to check the condition of the fish before buying. Once you’ve chosen the fishes to take home, go to the fish counter and ask a staff the best way in preparing for that particular fish, since some fishes are more appropriate for certain preparations that other types of fishes are.

If you need a quick method of preparing fish, the best way is to bake the fish by placing it in dish, dressing it with the sauce you prefer and cooking it under 350°F (or 135°C). When the fish turns flaky and white without reddish or pink parts inside, the fish can be served with salt, pepper or lemon.

Another quick fish preparation is broiling. When you broil fish, turn the broiler on until fully heated and place the fish under it. Most broiled fish make delicious main dishes, especially when sprinkled with cheese or butter.

If you like the fish crusty, you can fry it in oil and then serve it with lemon. Some people prefer butter in frying, while others like fish deep-fried. Oils perfect for frying are peanut oil and other high smoking-point oils. Drain the fish before serving to keep the oils from coming inside the fish.

When you have time to prepare fish, you could grill it. Fishes perfect for grilling are those that don’t flake apart when cooked. Grilled fish are better where marinated first with soy sauce and lemon, barbecue sauce, chili sauce or any other sauce you prefer.

Some cuisines serve fish seared. Tuna and other meaty fishes are perfect for searing. To do this, sear both sides of the fish in a hot sauté pan, keeping the middle of the fish juicy and a bit pinkish. However, if you like the fish fully cooked, leave the fish in the heated pan longer.

When preparing fish, it can be as simple as adding salt. However, adding side dishes and complementing sauces to the fish dishes can make wonderfully delicious meals.

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