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Can anyone give the recipe for the drink lemon, lime and bitters?

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One Response to “Can anyone give the recipe for the drink lemon, lime and bitters?”

  1. Ymmo said :

    I’m not quite sure this is what you search for, but here’s a couple of recipes for you:

    Bitter Lime recipe:
    Scale ingredients to servings
    2 oz Seagram’s® lemon gin
    4 oz Gatorade® energy drink
    2 tbsp lime juice

    Pour gin over ice cubes, and add lemon-lime gatorade. Top with lime juice and mix.

    Bitter Lemon

    This is a British cousin of American lemonade. Makes an excellent mixer for gin, vodka, and tequila. Personally, I like it mixed with tonic water or soda water and poured over crushed ice on a hot summer day..

    4 servings 30 min 15 min prep

    2 lemons
    20 fluid ounces water
    1/4 lb sugar

    Cut the lemons into pieces, put in a saucepan with the water and bring to the boil.
    Reduce the heat and simmer gently for 10-15 minutes, until the fruit is soft.
    Add the sugar and stir until dissolved.
    Remove from the heat, cover and cool.
    Strain before using.


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