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How long does it take to bake chicken thighs in the oven?

Well everyone says 350 heat, and it will take 30-35 minutes. Well i do that and my chicken is still pink on the inside and stretchy. Is my stove not working right? If it isn’t, then how long should i bake them for? And if I want to bake them faster, should i turn it up to 450? How long will that take?

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5 Responses to “How long does it take to bake chicken thighs in the oven?”

  1. H. L said :

    Your oven is working fine. It’s still pink because your supposed to turn them over halfway during baking.

    You could turn it up the heat to 450F to cook it faster, the time should be cut by 3-5 minutes. That is unless you already pre-warmed the oven before cooking, which then the time should be reduced by have 6-10 minutes.

  2. Jennifer said :

    It’s because it depends on several things. 1. How many thighs you’re baking at once. 2. What type of pan are you using? A grill pan (a flat pan with a slotted insert) gets more air (=heat) to the chicken. A flat sheet pan is second best, and a glass pyrex casserold type dish with sides will take longer (assuming you’re baking them uncovered). 3. How close is each chicken piece to the next? All of this will affect cooking time. That’s why the best thing to do is choose a decent temperature (with thighs, since they are pretty moist on their own, unlike breasts, I would go with 400) and then check for doneness about half an hour in. Then keep checking every ten minutes or so until they are done. A meat thermometer is even better, if you have one. They even make some that you can stick into the meat and a very thin wire that lets you close the oven door and have the rest of the thermometer outside of the oven during the entire baking process that will beep when it’s done.

  3. soxrcat said :

    Cook chicken thighs until no longer pink,
    To cook faster, par boil or cook in the microwave. Then put in the oven.
    Turning up the oven WILL BURN YOUR FOOD NOT COOK IT.

  4. Felicia Q said :

    Do yourself a favor and get a oven thermometer.

    They are inexpensive…and then you won’t be wondering if your oven is “off” temperature wise.

  5. Nan's cat Tigger said :

    Try cooking them for 45 minutes. The temperature they give you in directions are always approximate because every oven varies. Once they are hot another 10 minutes will probably be all you need to finish them. Always check the doneness of something before you call it done.
    You can turn up the heat, but they will also brown faster so be careful.


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