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Can I roast a whole chicken in a roasting bag? For how long?

I want to roast a whole chicken in a roasting bag. Can I do this and for how long?

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4 Responses to “Can I roast a whole chicken in a roasting bag? For how long?”

  1. csi7472 said :

    You should have directions with the cooking bags, if not just cook at 325 until the meat and skin starts shrinking upward away from the end of the bone leg. Make sure to put a tablespoon of flour along the bottom of the bag.

  2. jojoangl said :

    yes you can do it but I’m not sure for how long. try looking it up on they usually have really good suggestions with or w/o the roasting bag!!

  3. bayliner6065 said :

    i would think so—-as long as thje chicken fits in the bag—-and most chickens are around –2 pounds—-cook at 325 in the oven for about 45 minutes or untill the meat is at 165 degrees—the temperature is important –make sure it is at 165—–buy a thremometer they are only around 5 bucks at meijers or wal marts–i have done chicken this way —but not a whole chicken —because my bags was not big enuff—-i cut it up in pieces—

  4. Aundine said :

    Yes you can and it is fabulous! Very juicy. You don’t even need to put any liquid in the bag… You can put veggies in there. The cooking depends on the poundage.


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