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How many cups of green tea should i take to lose weight?

I do eliptical 30 min 3 times aweek and started green tea 2-3 cups with 1/4 teaspoon splenda daily.Is this sufficient to lose weight or should i increase.And also i want to know will it increase caffeine level and cause problem.

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3 Responses to “How many cups of green tea should i take to lose weight?”

  1. Jessie said :

    green tea does not cause you to lose weight

  2. ! said :

    green tea is proven to HELP loose weight but green tea alone wont do enough. you need incoporate some sort of exercise and healthy diet to loose wieght

  3. TG@FitnessMyWay said :

    That should be enough. Make sure you consistently do the elliptical and eat healthy. Personally I take green tea extract pills, but drinking green tea is great also.

    Good luck, cheers!


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