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How many eggs are needed to make scrambled eggs for 30 people?

I’ve got to make scrambled eggs for breakfast at work, and we have about 30 people. About how many dozen eggs should I use?

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22 Responses to “How many eggs are needed to make scrambled eggs for 30 people?”

  1. jade_2011 said :

    60 that would be 2 each

  2. I Have Parasites said :

    Figure 4 scrambled for 1 person, so 10 dozen! Cheers! I say 4 a piece because some men can EAT and you do not want to run short. I eat 4 no prob.

  3. Chef Mark said :

    2 eggs per person is adequate.


  4. Bromeliad said :

    60 eggs minimum, which equals 5 dozen.

  5. kanman1958 said :

    well, assuming 2 eggs per person that would be 60 eggs (5 dozen) – of course some won’t eat them and others will want more. you could go 90 (3 eggs per person), but you may end up with leftovers.

  6. Miss Alexis said :

    I usually assume 3 to 4 eggs per person if it is a main dish, and 2 eggs per person if it is a side dish. For a main dish, figure on approximately 10 dozen eggs. For a side dish, 5 dozen. Good luck to you!

  7. J_shizzle said :

    a lot

  8. KLD2007 said :

    90 eggs so that you have enough …. 3 a person… that is 7 1/2 dozen or 5 of the 18egg carton…

    Good Luck!

  9. Ms. Diamond Girl said :

    approximately 100 eggs so that comes to 8.3333. i would go with 9 dozen. lol

  10. Chuck said :

    6 Dozen should do it I find that two eggs per person is never enough. You should also add about 1/2 cup of water to the eggs, this helps introduce air which would give them a lighter texture.

  11. Sweet n Sour said :

    It depends on if you are going to add extra ingredients like ham, cheese, and maybe green peppers. If it’s just eggs, then go for 5 or 6 dozen, so there will be plenty. If you are adding things, then 3 or 4 dozen will be enough.

  12. Trinity said :

    If you are to go at 2 eggs per person, that would be 30. Just to be on the safer side, add in another 10 rounding up the number to 40. Better to be safe that sorry!

  13. thedreamweaverwolf said :

    If nothing is going in them them 4 dozen if you are adding cheese and meat then 3 dozen

  14. some_yank said :

    I would go with 2 eggs/person, if you are adding fillers such as sausage or ham. Otherwise 2.5 each (75 eggs, assuming grade A large)

  15. kristopher k said :

    40004458 Eggs

  16. juniejuly said :

    2 eggs per person then I would add another 24 eggs. I hate to be scimpy. 60+24= 84= 7 dozen eggs.

  17. Sandy O said :

    Figure three eggs per person so you’ll need 90 eggs or 7 and a half dozen.

  18. a_hennings19 said :

    As a professionally trained military cook you can do the following for the perfect amount of scrambled eggs.

    2-3 eggs per person you are trying to cook for plus another 1-2 for the pan. A dash of cream (milk works too). and salt and pepper.

    So the total amount of eggs would depend on how many you wanted per person for 3 it would be roughly about 92 for two it comes up to 62.

    so 92 eggs comes up to be about 7 1/2 dozen eggs and 62 eggs comes up to be about 5 dozen eggs with 2 extras needed.

  19. kelli t said :

    6 dozen

  20. prekinpdx said :

    I would say 60-90. I always like 3 eggs in my scramble, so that would put it at 90. Perhaps 7 dozen…84 eggs. That’s what I would do.

  21. sloegin said :

    I’d say 5 dozen. That would allow for 2 eggs per person.

  22. calyx156 said :

    Figure at least 2 eggs per person, and I prefer three. 90 eggs= 8 dozen eggs w/ 6 leftover. These will get eaten, don’t worry.

  23. ksana.lavrivq said :


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