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Why do so many people suffer health problems or death AFTER giving up smoking?

I know of 5 stories off hand about people who have smoked for years the given up…It’s only once theyv’e given up their body packs up…Why IS this…and if it’s because of a shock to their system WHY was continuing to smoke such a bad thing?
Then why not WHEN they were smoking?

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7 Responses to “Why do so many people suffer health problems or death AFTER giving up smoking?”

  1. slickcut said:

    OMG I have been thinking about giving up smoking but now Im not sure if I should or not…sounds like it might be bad to give up the smoking…Thank you for that information.

  2. T B said:

    BECAUSE THEY SMOKED!!!!! Gonna happen eventually when you do something that stupid!!!

  3. Believer said:

    I too have noticed this strange phenonoma. Kinda scary isn’t it? People finally do the right thing and their body rebels . . .

  4. Lynn K said:

    People usually give up smoking because they start feeling unwell and get scared so they give up smoking. The fact is they were not well before they quit and it’s not until they cease to have symptoms that are typical of smoking that they start going to the doctor to find out what’s really wrong with them. Heavy smokers ALWAYS have a cough, no matter what excuse they use, that cough is there. Once they quit smoking they realize they may have a serious medical problem. It’s sad they started in the first place because it’s sure to get them in the end.

  5. chocolahoma said:

    The damage to their systems had already been done by the years of abuse. The symptoms can appear at any time, possibly triggered by something innocuous, like a cold or allergies.

    Quitting smoking didn’t cause the illness. These people just picked a time to quit that was too late to prevent the smoking-related illness from occurring.

  6. Lilly K said:

    The health problems were most likely there to begin with. The smoking may have caused some of the health problems or agitated those they had and did not know about. When those few individuals quit then they most likely paid more attention to their aches and pains and noticed the problems that killed them. Quitting anything can cause some agitation to the system. The withdrawls of smoking are real. Depending on how long and how much you smoke your body will react differently from someone else.

    If you smoke, just give it up. It WILL kill you. I used to smoke. I smoked 2 pks a day for over 10 years and just went cold turkey. Stayed clean for 3 years and like a dummy started up again. I then went cold turkey again and have been smoke free for over 26 years.

    If you think smoking is not a bad thing then check the internet for side effects to smoking on your body. Good Luck 🙂

  7. milk fur said:

    Smoking does damage at the time you smoke it just may take a while to show the problems. A common misunderstood fact that people have is the longer you smoke the more likely you are to get a cancerous tumor, tumors do not pop up over night the truth is it can take years for the tumor to develop long after you have quit smoking or still are smoking you are doing damage to your self now and that can have long term affects.
    My mother damaged her ankle when she was a teen and it took until she was in her 40’s to show the affects and had to have an ankle replacement our bodies do not always show affects right away fact is it takes a while for our body to begin breaking down to grow lumps and all sorts of things, you cant grow hair in one day it may take a year or more to get it too a good length your bodies working on things that takes time and so are those bad chemicals left over from smoking they’re slowly eating away at your insides


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