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How many meat-eaters does it take to change a lightbulb?

It couldn’t be done.

One falls to the floor writhing in pain from food poisoning from reheated pork.

The second does likewise, but from excruciating period pains bought on by a vitamin C defiency.

The third goes into a CJD induced coma.

The fourth is hospitalised with salmonella and the fifth finally gets to the lightbulb- he needs the light on during the day because of a vitamin A defiency bought on by not eating enough vegetables or fruit- but because the poor bloated chap is so obese from all the saturated fat he eats, he hasn’t got the strength to reach his arms up.

So a vegan changes the bulb for him.
For the record, this is satire of all the crap, pathetic ‘joke’ questions we get in the vegan/vegetarian section on a daily basis, offended meat-eaters.

Can’t you take a joke? There I was thinking that you guys thought we couldn’t take a joke? My oh my. Must be high blood pressure.

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10 Responses to “How many meat-eaters does it take to change a lightbulb?”

  1. runner1girl9 said:

    hahaha. that’s a good one.

  2. delewei1 said:

    What kind of question is that?

  3. Gabino Cordero said:

    You know, the problem with Vegans is that though they believe their lifestyle is far superior to others, they can’t remain quietly smug. They have to belittle others’ lifestyle choices. What happened to tolerance? By the way, I like nothing better with my steak than a good tossed salad and baked potato.

  4. Bez said:

    Wow. That’s not that funny, its just kind of a downer.

  5. mmgirl_11 said:

    How many vegans does it take to change a lightbulb.

    Cant be done, they’re too weak and scrawny to reach it!

    Sorry bout that, i just wanted you to have a taste of yuor own medicine! I dont think that way of vegetarians, my mom is one after all. For your information just because someone eats meat doesnt mean they are unhealthy! Its not like we eat a solid diet of burgers and chicken nuggets! We eat vegetables too! And lean meat is very healthy as well.

    So dont go around acting like a smart aleck, it wont make you very popular at parties!

  6. gal_D said:

    lol. i love it. It really sums up some of the “benefits” of eating meat. You forgot the 6th meat-eater who DOESNT want to change it because s/he would rather stay in the dark about things. (heidi posted that one earlier)

    edit: mmgirl_11, come on, we get “taste of our own medicine” in this section all the time. Havent you seen some of the ignorant posts on here, posted by meat eaters? That’s why they love this place so much.

  7. BooksToBrowse said:

    5 hunky male meat eaters to hunt it and one competent female to fit it!!!

  8. gdshjfs said:

    lol hahahhaha thats funny. i hate how meat eaters are asking stupid not funny at all offensive questions in this section

  9. Heidi said:

    Even though my eyes went a little buggy reading the like, sad stuff, you’re really right. People post those ridiculous “jokes” in here all the time and then CANNOT take it when we try to give them a taste of THEIR medicine in OUR forum! And yes. It is a vegetarian and vegan forum so it is ours! >:|

    Haha Gal_D I wish I could take credit for that joke … I found it on a site that I wish I had bookmarked, lots of funny jokes on there! 😉

  10. Aladdin Sane said:

    HAHA… I love it…. I guess we aren’t the only ones with “thin skins” … WHAT?? some meat-eaters can’t take a joke either…???…. I thought that it was only us!!!

    And It’s funny cause… usually when they post jokes about us… it is in OUR OWN forum… But You didn’t even post this in the general food and drink section…(Or did you… I didn’t check) And they still get p!ssed off….well I have one thing to say…
    HAHAHA… I think Heidi should post the meat-eater joke that she posted the other day… That one was funny too!


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