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How many years does it take to learn to play guitar?

I started this year and have been playing for about 4 months. I feel lousy b/c I started so late. I’m 17. How long does it take to learn all the basics and how long to become really good.

I’m kind of good, I mean you can see I’m progressing but I’m not that good yet. I should have started at like 13 or something.

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6 Responses to “How many years does it take to learn to play guitar?”

  1. hannah said:

    depends on how much you practice
    i play bass, it took a little while but not an extremely long time

  2. MDB said:

    They say the average is 2 years, for the basics. According to George Van Epps aka the Grandfather of the Guitar, up to 11,000 years…

  3. satchjr2 said:

    it varies from person to person…depends on a lot of factors like how much you practice, what you practice, how quick of a learner you are, self taught/lessons?, goals, ect…
    I started learning guitar at 13 along with my best friend. He took lessons and I taught myself and we progressed at very different paces. After a few months I was already playing solos and doing Metallica stuff note for note and my friend was still struggling to do basic chord progressions.

    As long as you stick with it and practice you will get better…and as long as you always have the desire to get better and progress…I have been playing for almost 14 years and still have a ton to learn and am always trying to improve my skills/techniques!!

  4. smilie_face595 said:

    well, im 14, and i started in the summer of last year. I was going to classes once a week, and eventually i learned how to play good. I learned all my basics and now im going to start learning how to play electric. It just takes practice. At first i was extremely slow, but then after about 5-6 months, i could freely play. Its not years, its only months. But you have to practice alot! Don’t give up, its only a matter of how long you practice. (Oh, and if you have a hard time moving your fingers around, after you play, try wiggling your fingers. It helps!)

  5. Adam said:

    I’d say that all depends if you’re a fast learner or not
    or if you’ve played something similar.

    But i’d say about a year possibly?

  6. richard t said:

    you can play songs withing a month……………..just practice the song……….
    to get good……………two hours a day….and ask again after two years……………
    all of a sudden it comes to you………..but you still have to practice………………OH! sing along…works better…………..


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