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how many of you would give up alcohol/smoking for love?

my boyfriend’s doing these, and i’m going to tell him he has to stop these, or else our relationship’s over. also, if he’s smoking and drinking, do you think he’s doing drugs too? he said he got kicked off the football team for something, but he won’t tell me what. do you think drugs is the thing, that he got kicked off his football team for, or could it be something else? is it usually drugs that gets players kicked of the team?
i told my parents about this, b/c i’m totally honest with them about whether or not he’s getting into any trouble, and they agree with me, that i should end the relationship, if he doesn’t stop drinking/smoking. and no, i’m not into religion or any of that kind of thing—i was just raised to see that smoking was bad, but not alcohol if you do it in small quantities, and be mature about it. which he’s not. he’s just doing it to get drunk. but i truly do love him.

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8 Responses to “how many of you would give up alcohol/smoking for love?”

  1. Brian said :

    i would never give up my live if someone is like that

  2. justmenothinelse said :

    sounds like he needs to go………….bye bye

  3. Bonita Applebaum said :

    Don’t be a dummy. You know he got kicked off for something serious. You can’t change anybody and people don’t change overnight. I suggest you find a new beau who’s not a drug addicted/drinker/smoker/loser/liar. How does he bring out the best in who you are?

  4. Izetriyen said :

    give up bad habits for love? of course!

  5. Claire said :

    Stick to your guns K.D., you know what you want and you by all rights deserve it too. If he loves you he will stop if he doesn’t well then your better off without him. Challenge him to quit if you have to. Tell him you will change if he will first. I quit smoking cold turkey for a guy after smoking for seven years and you know what? he left me two years ago for my best friend after ten years of no smoking on my end. I am much happier now, glad he asked me to quit and did that for me, so it is a possibility, just do not hurt him after he does it for you. Good luck, hope this helps and Merry Christmas!! God bless you! Claire

  6. Rebecca C said :

    1. Generally, if given an ultimatum (i.e. do this or else) my natural reaction is to say “fuck you” and continue to do whatever it is the person wanted me to stop doing. Now…you may politely ask me not to do something, but explain your reasons why. I wlil then either stop, or give you my reasons for continuing. If you can’t handle the reasons, that is your problem. You can’t force a person to change, they will only resent you.

    2. If he smokes and drinks, is he doing drugs? Maybe. Ask him. Maybe he’s not. Either is likely.

    3. There are plenty of reasons he could get kicked off the team. Not showing up for practices, violating whatever the team code of conduct is….who knows.

  7. andreseccaarff said :

    If you really love him dont give up your relationship just tell him how you feel, but you shouldnt try to make him to stop all at once.
    I wouldnt like my girlfriend told me that, I would only stop drinking if she was a special one.
    Good luck.
    About the football team, who knows.

  8. Rio Madeira said :

    I wouldn’t give up anything for love, except for that. It’s just unhealthy.


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