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Would you give up smoking for the love of your life?

If you met someone , a person you really like and fall in love with, but after sometime that person starts smoking(something you really hate and is totally unacceptable for you and your family) would you try to be with them if they are willing to give up the smoking and if they are not should you stay with them , or is it that they dont love you enough as for to leave the addiction?

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13 Responses to “Would you give up smoking for the love of your life?”

  1. reaganandcourtney said :


  2. Rebecca S said :

    uhh, NO!
    psh, smoking is way better….it can kill you=]
    lol, actually drinking is the best!

  3. 40 oz to freedom said :

    yes. i smoke 2 packs a day, i could quit cold turkey.

  4. baserunner316 said :

    at least smoking takes less time to kill you…

  5. *WARRIOR* said :

    Yes, being that I have the blessing of having them, that is inspiration enough.

  6. *Smile* said :

    I would because i love them and i want to spend the rest of my life with them and also because smoking is bad in the first place!

  7. ysenia b said :

    obviously they dont love you enough if they cant stop 4 u

  8. Blahhhhh =DD said :

    I would help them try to quit smokeing. If they can’t I’lll try harder. If not, idk…depends on the situation. But smoking is a TURN OFF for me

  9. A to the J said :

    ask her but if she says no leave her becuz many people died of smoking everyday so don’t get attached, cuz u might lose her….you never kno. but if she does say she’ll stop give her a chance.

  10. *hayn/filipina* said :

    I like this question because my boyfriend is like this. I wanted him to quit smoking for me and the girls but mostly for his health. When you love someone smoking should never become a threat to is you want to be with them or not. You need to be there to help break there addiction. That is what helps your love grow for one another.

  11. unknown said :

    i would cuz smoking is gross

  12. richiwho said :

    I did. It was the best decision I ever made. It was also the best motivation for quitting.

  13. trunk197928 said :

    I was in a relationship where the person didnt want me to smoke so I quit, but I hated it because I always had this motto, love me for who I am, not who you want me to be. Although this person was only looking out for me because they cared and you gotta ask yourself this, do you really love this person and are you wanting them to quit smoking for their good or for your good because u hate it? Yes, I would be with them even if they did smoke because I love them. I wouldn’t care what my family thinks. They are not dating them. The addiction doesnt have anything to do with love. It is an addiction and addictions are very hard, especially nicotine. It’s one of the most addicting substances. Thats not an excuse tho because anyone can overcome the addiction. I just would concentrate on loving this person for who they are and if you hate it so bad just walk out of the room or something.


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