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Would you give up drinking or smoking if your GF or BF asked you to?

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24 Responses to “Would you give up drinking or smoking if your GF or BF asked you to?”

  1. Cookie ♥ said :

    Well maybe if I really, really, really loved them!

  2. ƒlιρ ƒяαηcнιsє said :

    If I smoked, yes.

    Drinking though… probably not… unless I was a scary, violent drunk, of course… but if there was no major/obvious reason behind it then no.

  3. your wonderwall said :

    It depends how long we’ve been together and how it’s going.

  4. the last ammunition said :

    only tobacco and alcohol.

  5. B*tch My Ti*s Hurt said :

    well if she was worth giving up those things then yes

  6. FunkyFrank said :

    maybe just cutt back

  7. Roadster said :

    I’d have to start first…

  8. Renesmee Cullen said :

    hells no.

  9. Phoenix said :

    If I did those things, yes.

  10. Neev said :

    Nope take me as I am or leave me the fuck alone….

  11. Hannah said :
  12. Kevin S said :

    smoking cigarettes, sure

    smoking weed, no

    drinking, never

  13. .White & Nerdy(#1 Steelers fan!) said :


  14. __Jean said :

    Any day of the week.

  15. lchelsey33 said :

    ya he means the world 2 me

  16. Cessna said :

    Only if they would give up the whining which led to my giving up drinking.

  17. Stellar said :


  18. Nikolai85 said :

    yeah, my girlfriend’s worth it.

  19. §abrina ♥♥ said :

    Yeah…sure…why not.

  20. ieatderobri said :

    Tried hypnosis, tried gum, tried the patch…my wife denied me sex and I quit cold turkey.

  21. Ryan said :

    Only if they would give up being controlling and nagging.

  22. Girl In The Shallow Grave said :

    sure…..but just for 2 hours

  23. lil_angel said :


  24. Simone Says said :

    Only if it were something that I wanted to do anyway.


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