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How to train your dog to minimize barking?

I am getting an american eskimo and I hear they bark A LOT. How can I train my dog not to bark so much? I do not believe in bark collars.

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7 Responses to “How to train your dog to minimize barking?”

  1. punkrock_tyler said :

    well if you dont believe in bark collars…hit up the dog whisperer =p

  2. chobalobba said :

    squirt him with a water pistol everytime he barks,, or bang a metal tray, that is what i was advised to do, water pistol idea worked.

  3. Cj N said :

    There are a couple ways.
    You could get a bark collar.
    You could yell at the dog very loudly and put it in a cage EVERY time it barks.
    Some people spray lemon juice in the mouth every time the dog barks.

    Up to you really…
    Be very strict in training and it will listen to you

  4. Anonymous <3 said :

    Ive watched all of the dog wisperer and i use most of his techniques if you grab the leesh and say to the dog ”shhht” It works i did it to my rottweilers and it works ! All cred goes to the dog wisperer !

  5. gentleannie said :

    Dogs Bark, some more than others, if you already don’t like something you’ve heard about the breed why are you getting one??? Man down the street has 2 they bark when someone walks by I wish mine would, better than an alarm system, they also don’t bark all the time

  6. eithne m said :

    I have Chihuahua’s and I just say no bark and continue training until the behavior is discontinued. I praise them a lot when they give a warning bark, they will soon distinguish between an allowed bark and a “recreational” bark. Good luck!

  7. Kip’s Mom ***CFS*** said :

    I have a miniature schnauzer – a breed that apparently barks a lot.

    This is what I did: Every time he barked, *immediately* I would give him the “come” command, and treat/praise him. This way, if there is someone outside, he gives *one* bark, then comes to me. I also taught him a “shush” command, since I think it’s easier to calm a dog down before it gets excited. This works if we are outside, for example, and he sees a squirrel or a person, etc. As soon as I see him *starting* to get excited (which would lead to barking), I give the “shush” command.

    Like all training, it takes time and consistency, and staying positive, treating and praising. But I have a dog that gives one warning bark (which I want) and can calm down before he starts barking in an exciting environment – without using collars, sprays or cans filled with pennies.

    One other thing – this won’t work if the dog is left alone – you can’t train a dog when you aren’t there.

    Good luck!


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