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How do I train my dog to stop barking so much??

She barks at EVERYTHING!! Sometimes she will listen to me when I shout at her to stop. I don’t mind her barking but the continuous, out of control barking, must stop. She is the noisiest dog in the neighborhood. What can I do to train her to stop barking? I want to let her know that it is ok, but only in small amounts. Please give me your suggestions and experiences. Thanks:)

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9 Responses to “How do I train my dog to stop barking so much??”

  1. Fergie said:

    when he barks yel Stop!! then put him in his bed then leave him al alone but dont use the bed as a punishmentcuz he might feel ashamed to sleep at night trust me i have 3 dos 2 the same age (8) and a puppy wich is 4 monthes old i got skills NEVER USE A SHOCK COLLAR AND NEVER USE AN INVISABLE FENSE if the get scared the can get an heart attact

    and i had expirience of that and i dont want that to happen again not even 2 complete STRANGERS!!

  2. All Natural Honey said:

    I put my dog in the Pokey. Put him in the doghouse, and cover up the opening with cement blocks. Now when I yell out the door, and tell him to be quiet or I’m going to put him in the pokey, he listens.

  3. Abby said:

    when it barks tell it no or i know this is mean but get one of those elctric collers truen it down really low so it does not hurt the dog it just tells them it is not ok

  4. jean l said:

    You can get a barking shock collar.When she bark it will zap her and teach her not to bark so much.

  5. Campbell Gramma said:

    a water gun……give her a squirt and a sharp ” QUIET! “……each time she barks for no reason….

    you will have to do this diligently for the first few days…..until she “gets it” that the water comes when she barks…………… then you can taper off to just trying the ” QUIET ” without the squirt…..

    leave the gun around where she can see it…but not reach it……

  6. GiddeeYup said:

    Barking to alert you is good, but incessant barking isn’t healthy for the dog (or you/your neighbors). Don’t shout at her. “Sometimes” listening means she doesn’t get it at all.

    I would leave a collar on her and a leash if you can (if not, put a tab on the collar…you can find them at the pet store). Confine her to an area where you can easily get to her (you’ll have no more than 3 seconds to correct her), and where she will normally do a lot of barking. When she barks, give a quick snap and release “jerk” on the leash & collar and say NO firmly. Repeat as necessary, but use the same tone of voice every time. Eventually, you won’t need the leash/collar. NO will work just fine.

    If you can’t do this, get a spray bottle with a stream feature and fill it with water. When she barks, give her a quick squirt, but don’t let her see where it’s coming from (don’t let her associate it with you).

    If you can’t do this, try a bark collar.

    You have to be consistent here. If she gets away with it once, she won’t know she’s not supposed to do it.
    Good luck!

  7. hotrotties08 said:
  8. Blueyedshewolf said:

    Get a tin can and put some rocks or marbles in it and when he starts his barking shake the can and sternly say no. When he stops tell him good girl. They tend to dislike the loud noise from the can. I foster dogs for our local shelter and to help ensure they stay in their new homes I try to work on their bad habits. I have talked to numerous trainers and that is the suggestion that worked best. I was also told to get a squirt gun and squrt them when they did it but alot of them found that to be a fun game and it did not work so well but the can trick works most of the time. Good luck!

  9. hollyanna25 said:

    Please whatever you do, do NOT get a shock collar. That is absolutely cruel. Dogs are so eager to please their owners. You can easily deter him from barking. Here is one suggestion: when he begins barking profusely , simply get a spray bottle full of water and give him a little squirt. This will startle him. Then when he quietens down, praise him, give him a treat and tell him “Good quiet.” You will be surprised how fast he will catch on to this. Best of luck.


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