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How can I train my dog to stop barking when he hears a knock on the door or a car passing by?

My dog always barks and it stops me from doing my homework. Please-can someone give me some tips on how to train him. Its a small male half schnouser (if thats how its spelled) and half poodle.

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10 Responses to “How can I train my dog to stop barking when he hears a knock on the door or a car passing by?”

  1. Amanda said :

    Tell him no firmly when someone knocks on your door. Then praise him when he stops and give him treats. Make sure to praise him when he is quiet. He’s just doing his job though, alerting you to strangers in the area!

  2. Luvsdard said :

    I want my dog to bark when there’s a knock on my door. I wouldn’t want my dog to bark when a car passed by though. I’d just tell him to be quiet or HUSH and then keep your hand around his muzzle til he stops. Be GENTLE though.

  3. grump56 said :

    He is acting like a good watch dog. I would leave him alone.

  4. TRISTA M O said :

    you must work with the dog. Correcting at just the right time is the key. Try putting a small leash on the dog just before he barks you can usually see a sign raised ears or some kind of panic behavior. pull the collor to the right side of the neck just enough to devert his attention if you dont have the time for the training they make bark collars to suit the size of the dog large to toy

  5. randymck53 said :

    tell him he is a cat

  6. jasongannsbuddy2007 said :

    if he barks at the door it means his guarding the house if u want train the go theres books on how to train it or u can look in the phone book if ur going to ring up get a professual cause there more likly know what to do and how to do it .
    as for ur homework go sumwhere quiet where u cant hear
    the dog.

  7. Pyar said :

    Buy a book on dog training it’s an easy problem to fix. I’m glad you didn’t call him a shnoodle.

  8. wll said :

    better tel ur frenz who visit u don knock on the door.. call u before they come.. pull him away from ur working place don let him see what u are doing.. he bark on u most properly he wan to play with u ..

  9. hunterdog57 said :

    Pick a specific spot in the house you want your dog to go to when there is a knock on the door, say his bed. When there is a knock, you take the dog to the spot and say “sit/stay”. Give a treat when he complies.
    You may need someone to help you train this. Be consistent. Your dog will learn where he belongs when there is a knock on the door.
    A lady in the dog club I belong to taught her dogs to go to the stair landing and sit when the doorbell rang so they would not jump on the visitors or be in the way. They got a treat for doing it.

  10. Lee S said :

    I have 3 Staffies and when someone is at the door the little one starts a fight with the other 2 and it can drive mebonkers sometimes what is the best way to get them to stop before complaint start.


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