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I need some good recipes to make that contain no onion?

I have a friend that does not like onions, green peppers, mushrooms, loves pasta, steak, no mexican food, and I basicly need some good recipes so I can make dinner

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9 Responses to “I need some good recipes to make that contain no onion?”

  1. Mr. Bob Onya said :

    Give your friend a nice plain rice cake

  2. rusrus said :

    Onion is generally not a “required” ingredient in anything except French Onion Soup or an Awesome Blossom. Just make any recipe and leave-out the onion. How sad…

    Have you tried super-caramelized onions? Saute onions until they’re brown (~20-30 mins). They’re sweet and wonderful.

  3. bubba said :

    No onion, huh? I would suggest that you make a batch of Burger King Onion Rings. I would almost guarantee they don’t use any onions in them.

  4. Chris R said :

    Try brownies


    Your friend sounds like me & my family. We hate onions, mushrooms, and peppers.
    Go to and type in a main ingredient, such as ground beef, and then hundreds of recipes will pop up for you. I use that site all the time when I need something new.

    A recipe that I cook frequently that my family loves is tator tot casserole. It takes about 15 min to prepare and feeds an army.

    You need:
    1 bag of frozen tator tots
    1 can of cream of mushroom soup (plus one can of water or milk)
    1 can of cream of chicken soup(plus one can of water or milk)
    1 pound of ground beef
    shredded cheddar cheese

    1. Brown the ground beef, drain the fat.
    2. cook the soups & water/milk together in a pan until hot.
    3. Dump the ground beef into a 11*13 rectangular casserole dish, spread out evenly on the bottom.
    4. Pour the soup over the hamburger.
    5. Spread the bag of tots evenly over the soup& hamburger (it’s ok if some of them sink down into the soup)
    6. Bake according to the directions on the tator tots bag (I think it’s 425 degrees) You’ll have to bake a bit longer than the bag says.
    About 20 min. before tots are brown, sprinkle the cheese over the tots (sprinkle as much or as little as you like)

    You can also cook a meatloaf with no onions…that’s easy.
    Chili can be cooked without onions.
    Sloppy Joe’s don’t have onions.
    Grilled Chicken breasts (or baked) with steamed veggies have no onions.
    Lasagna can be made without onions ( I never use onions and it tastes fine)

    ** We like the flavor of onions, but hate to eat them, so I use onion powder a lot if a recipe calls for onions.

    Happy cooking! Try the Kraft’s great!

  6. cookingblonde said :

    Use onion powder, onion salt or onion flakes.

    Steak & mashed potatoes

    Fettuccine Alfredo

    Mac n cheese

  7. peckerwud2 said :

    there are more stupid people on here than i thought and i didn’t figure that was possible.IF YOU DON’T LIKE THEM,LEAVE THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!

  8. Courtney K said :

    Ok I hate everything your friend hates I can totally help you!!! Ok to start with- pasta- Super easy!!!! sautee garlic red pepper flakes (everything else is pretty much optional those 2 really support the flavor though) black or kalamata olives sundried tomatoes chicken and a veggie you like (I do spinach or brocolli usually) and you can just toss that with pasta or you can add tomato 1 can paste and 2 cans tomato sauce and a little bit of honey and or cinnamon and let it simmer for a Loooooong time adding water when needed until it has cooked out the acidity and tastes good to you. (if you do the tomato suace I usually add italian sausage but that’s up to you)
    If you’re making steaks- I can’t really help with steak prep because I don’t do the meat (that’s my man’s job) but I can help with side dishes. I’ll give you my fave veggie recipes and my fave potato recipe (which is a big old trick and she’ll love it and you never have to tell her there’s onions in it!!!! shhhh! I hate em and know they’re in there but I will gobble em up!!!)
    Ok here’s the best carrot recipe I have cut your carrots length wise and boil till almost done. in a sauce pan pur in 2 guiness and some honey (how much is up to your personal taste) and let that reduce by about half- it’ll get thick and gooey. then sautee your carrots in your guiness. Yumm
    Broccoli- The easiest recipe ever and I’ve never met a single person that didn’t love them. Cut your brocolli into florettes andbake them at 400 until the tips are nice and crispy. drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with kosher salt! So simple so tastey!!

    Potatoes- so just make mashed potatoes but put a bunch of fresh garlic cloves in the water while they boil and cut up green onions- and reallllly cut em up- they’ll make kind of a paste if you cut em enough and mash the garlic and onion paste in with your taters with a bunch of butter and heavy cream- I always use little red potatoes for mashed potatoes they’re really waxy so them mash really well!

    I hope your friend likes one of em!!

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