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I need some help on some easy recipes for my birthday sleepover. Can someone help?

I don’t have recipes and i need some easy and quick ones.

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8 Responses to “I need some help on some easy recipes for my birthday sleepover. Can someone help?”

  1. luvbug_314 said : They have great recipes. Go to holidays/special occasions and then scroll down and click birthday! Good luck! And Happy Birthday? P.S are you in middle school? jw

  2. 2 cents said :

    throw tortilla chips on baking sheet
    cover with salsa dip
    throw some shredded cheddar cheese on top of that
    bake until cheese melts
    top with avocado
    sliced black olives
    and sour cream

  3. julie744527 said :

    have a pizza buffet!!!
    buy small pre-made pizza crusts and 1 jar of your favorite spaghetti sauce and 1 jar of your favorite Alfredo sauce. For another base you could also use garlic and butter. That way your friends have a bunch of choices when making the base of the pizza. Then I would chop up every type of topping known for pizza and make a fun pizza buffet.
    Topping ideas:
    green peppers
    banana peppers
    mozzarella cheese
    cheddar cheese
    Canadian bacon

    Then after the slumber party you can have omelette’s the next day as everything will be chopped up.

  4. mangoluvva said :…artichoke or homemade..little biscuits or crescent rolls from thje biscuits with chocolate, candies, caramel and whipped cream..raw cookie dough..just dont add eggs…3/4 cup flour…1 cup sugar..1 teaspoon vanilla…1 stick butter melted..melt together..also, add in brownies mix or devils food cake mix..add chocolate candy and fudge sauce..miz everything well and eat with spoons and ice cream…

  5. school marm said :

    Kids like to get involved. Have everyone make their own.
    Some ideas might be:
    Pizza, tacos, banana splits

    If you want to do the cooking in advance, or if your mom doesn’t want the mess in the kitchen, you can serve the following:
    Chip and dip (I like salsa)
    Brownies from a mix
    Frozen pizzas
    Fresh fruit tray

    Pick out some fun games and watch movies.

  6. I need some help on some easy recipes for my birthday sleepover … | DavidKaiserBlog said :

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  7. a4391538 said :

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