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I want to enter my dog in obedience trials, but she hates other dogs. Can I make her like them?

Kasi knows all of the commands she needs to in order to win an obedience trial. She also loves people and playing with kids. She listens and reacts to commands beautifully, but she hates other dogs. I know as well as anyone that a dog can’t compete if she want’s to fight. Is there a way to fix my problem??
note: she’s not fixed

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9 Responses to “I want to enter my dog in obedience trials, but she hates other dogs. Can I make her like them?”

  1. there_she.goes said :

    You should try working with a professional trainer in a controlled setting where they could help you socialize your dog.

  2. Janet R said :

    Try taking her to dog training & have her fixed. Then try socialisation with other dogs in your area.

  3. Bozema said :

    A dog aggressive dog is not suitable for obedience trials. To be suitable in that situation, she has to follow your commands without question (on and off leash) and not be distracted by other dogs at any time. If she is aggressive to other dogs in a setting where a lot of other dogs are present, this isn’t going to work out. Not to mention the other competitors won’t appreciate her behavior.

  4. Shadow's Melon said :

    No, you can’t “make your dog like other dogs.” My dog is just like that and we do just fine. We take classes and go to matches all the time. But I have spent the money to se a behavioral specialist to learn how to manage my dog and you should do the same thing. You don’t want to get booted from participating because you were unable to control your dog. There is also a big difference between “aggressive” and “reactive” dogs and you need a professional to tell you what you have and how to handle it.

  5. walking lady said :

    Yes, obedience classes. A dog who doesn’t listen to commands when there’s lots of distractions isn’t ready to compete in any trial! Dogs competing in trials DO obey with all those distractions. Take her to classes where she’ll get some much-needed socializing. Call an all-breed club to ask about really good trainers who can handle aggressive dogs.

  6. reginaldstower said :

    socializating classes with other dogs

  7. Becky D said :

    First thing to do would be to get her spayed.

    Than what you have to do, which will take time, is show her that other dogs are good.

    If you have a family member who has a dog that would be willing to do this with you would be best.

    Walk her towards the other dog if she starts acting up, turn around and walk the other way, as soon as she calms down do it again and again and again, as soon as she calms down by this other dog, give a treat.

    repeat this with different dogs until she gets it.

    when you can completely trust her do it off leash. And repeat steps if need be.

  8. Anne said :

    Hire a professional trainer to help you socialize your dog. You can’t “make” her like other dogs, but you can teach her how to behave around them.

  9. creartisan said :

    It is difficult to recondition an improperly socialized dog but it is possible… especially since your pet does have respect for your command.

    You need professional help in this though, since your own initial efforts have obviously been ineffective.

    Start by spaying her… there are very few good reasons and prospects to breed now that there is an over population crisis in dogdom.

    Find a trainer that specializes in socialization and/or dog aggression. Since you aspire to be a competent trainer yourself, consider the costs and value of the lessons doing double duty for the dog and your future skill.

    Research dog aggression and socialization techniques and practice exercises in a controlled environ with other WILLING and informed dog owners. Do be sure you have insurance or the means to cover the veterinary care of other animals in case of emergency.

    Take heed; you may create more problems than solve, so be diligent in your studies and practicum.


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