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Are obedience classes really necessary for dogs? Did you bring your dog?

My pups are very obedient and good with people. I come from Europe where obedience classes don ‘t even exist and dogs are doing fine without them. I am starting to think that if you have time and patience they really are not necessary. Opinions and comments from people that have trained themselves are appreciated!

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11 Responses to “Are obedience classes really necessary for dogs? Did you bring your dog?”

  1. Cindy (is a petfinder) said :

    Hang out here and watch the questions. You’ll change your mind. Most people NEED to go to obedience classes with their dogs.

    Heck, most people need all the help they can get.

    Also, it’s not a band bonding experience with your dog and it’s good socialization.

    I have 5 dogs. 4 of the 5 have been to classes. I still go to help me stay consistent. My dogs don’t need the practice – I do!

  2. Fun50 said :

    Obedience classes teach YOU how to teach your dog. You bring your dog with you and the teacher leads you through the basics.

    Not every dog in America needs obedience training, but for owners who need help, the classes are there for them.

  3. MamaC said :

    I personally think they are a waste of time and money. My neighbor took her dogs and was very disapointed. I have trained all my dogs, and have been asked where I got them trained, as they behave beter than their dogs, who went to obediance class.

    In my exper, some owners need more training than their dogs!
    If your dog is well behaved, forget the class. Train them yourself, if you need help check out the free videos on

  4. sportzchik239 said :

    I trained one of my dogs. The other one… Heehee. He’s not too bright. Let’s just put it that way. It takes a lot of repetition and is not for the impatient. The dog tricks I taught her were sit, down. stay, come, roll over, and dance. We’re working on shake and speak at the moment. It’s tough but totally rewarding. It also provides a great way to bond with your pet. I honestly never thought that obedience classes were worth the cost of it all. Plus, whoever trains the animal is the one they are most likely to respond to. For example, the trainer teaches your dog sit and when you try…. Not so well. The animal is more interested in pleasing its master when with them than the treats. For the trainer, the treats are all they really care for. Use tons of praise and pet him bunches when he suceeds. Hope this helped! If you get stuck, email me at

  5. tlctreecare said :

    I train dogs and the only reason I take mine into a regular obedience class is for the socialization and for the distraction when we are training.
    Many people can and do successfully train at home and that is fine. I do most of my serious trainging at home or out in the field with one or two dogs.
    I use class setting to teach my dogs to pay attention to me no matter what is going on around them.
    It works very well.
    It is also a time for the dogs to be around other dogs and still listen to me.
    Although I have more than one dog and my hunters are exopsed to quite a few it is nice to expose them to many dogs and going to class helps with that.

  6. michelob86 said :

    They are still puppies. When they get to their “teens” (about 6 to 9 months), they’ll do what all teens do and see what they can get away with. They’ll start to run away from you while outside, and get on your beds, etc.

    If you don’t establish your place, and obedience classes help, they’ll be a tough time to take care of.

    Can you do it by yourself. Sure. A couple month class, once a week, will really help focus you.

    It also is good to socialize your dogs with other puppies. The pups like the playtime with the others.

  7. ginbark said :

    IF you know how to train your dog yourself and can find a variety of places to train that is fine. I train my dogs but go to classes for the distractions plus go to shopping centers, dog shows and PetsMart type places to work my dogs.

  8. ozzy59 said :

    I’ve never been to a training class and have happy,healthy ,well mannered dogs who are obedient.
    Training classes are not absolutely necessary but most people don’t have a clue as to how to train an animal so they need to be taught the basics.
    I know it’s called dog training but it’s really people training.

  9. lacie o said :

    they arent at all…i see no use for them unless your just rediculously bad with dogs…which you shouldnt be owning one in the first place if u are…i trained all 4 of my dogs myself! and i am 17…i started training my dog when i was 9…so nobody can tell me its not possible…unless they are just not physically or metally able

  10. cheeriosrule said :

    they arn’t necessary but they can help a first time owner or an owner with very little experience.

  11. Nancy M said :

    They also have to muzzle dogs in Europe because of noteable dog/people attacks — and no, not just the stereotypical breeds but the lady with the face transplant was attacked by her own Labrador… Just because you think your dog is ‘doing fine’, is it really? Is it reliable in any and all situations? If it got off lead by accident and went running across a busy street, would it obey you or die? No, they are not ‘necessary’ if you have and can properly interact with and train your dogs but the sad fact is, most people cannot and most dogs that they think are ‘very obedient and good with people’ actually are not. I rarely if ever run into such a dog. It isn’t necessary at all but it is often foolish for people to not do it … is it ‘necessary’ that children recieve education and that if they plan on being surgeons that they continue that education, well not really (outside of the legal ramifications) but heck, it is a pretty good idea 🙂 I have trained my dogs successfully for over five decades — and I personally take my dogs to training classes – why? Because I am knowledgeable enough in dog training to realize that no one, least of all me, knows it all and I appreciate not only the distractions afforded by a training class but the other sets of knowledgeable eyes watching my training and technique. I have YET to walk away from a training class without being enriched. Maybe what you might want to do is find a good training class and take your dog and seeing if it actually is as obedience and good as you think? Don’t put it in a puppy class since you consider it ‘very obedient’ — put it in at least a novice competition preparatory class and see if you and the dog don’t walk away having been enriched. In Europe, from what I understand, there are indeed training classes, so I am not sure that your premise is true on face.


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