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Is green tea really that good for you?

i am obsessed with green tea, i drink it every day. but whats in it that will help me?
is there anything that will hurt me?

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7 Responses to “Is green tea really that good for you?”

  1. nickiestango said :

    it contains antioxidents, which if you drink it on a regular basis could help prevent many types of cancer.

  2. anh_do1966 said :

    yes it makes u skniinnier

  3. DanaLynn said :

    It is very good for you no it cannot hurt you

  4. wildstar_2 said :


  5. fidget said :

    It’s mainly good for you but the caffeine content could cause problems. Also some experiments have found that drinking too much can lead to “the development of an iron deficiency in susceptible individuals.”

  6. lifeluver said :

    Yes, it is good 4 u.At least, I think so..

  7. mopar_murph said :

    Green teas aids in thermogenisis – the metabolism of calories. Basically you get more use out of the food you eat, and not as much of it gets stored into fat…


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