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Is there caffeine in green tea and the new white tea?

I’m just curious on this because I haven’t seen anything on it, but does anyone know if there is caffeine in the green tea and white teas that are out right now?

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3 Responses to “Is there caffeine in green tea and the new white tea?”

  1. epic_laydown said :

    yes there is caffeine in all true teas. The true teas include black, green, oolong, and white teas. Herbal teas you see made from herbs, fruit, etc usually don’t have caffeine. I’m glad to see white tea starting to become more popular

  2. turkeyphant said :

    Yes. There is about 20mg of caffeine in each cup of green tea. This is five times less than in regular coffee or five times more than in decaf. It would take 500 cups to make 10 grams.

  3. james o said :

    yes there caffeine in them.

    A Department of Nutritional Services reports the following ranges of caffeine content for a cup of tea made with loose leaves:

    A cup of Green tea (6 oz) contains 8 to 36 mg of caffeine.
    A cup of White tea contains 6 to 25 mg of caffeine.
    A cup of Oolong tea contains 12 to 55 mg of caffeine.
    A cup of Black tea ranges from 23 – 110 mg.
    Coffee generally contains 60 – 180 mg of caffeine.

    check here for details..


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