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Is it alright to break up with someone for smoking too much?

I really love and care about this girl. She completes me. But the problem, (well, the one that bothers me the most) is that she smokes them all the time. Like, she can’t live without them. I think she would give me up before she gave up smoking. I not telling her to quit but to just slow down and enjoy them with moderation.

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19 Responses to “Is it alright to break up with someone for smoking too much?”

  1. lowroad said :

    dump her smoking azz like there is no tommorrow

    and while ur dumping smokey the bear, dump the whole “she completes me jive” – that is serious wussy talk bro! YOU are the s h i t …..YOU are a bonofide 100% complete mofo!

    “she completes you”? smelling up your world and giving you cancer from second hand smoke is more like it brohim!

    this girl is a guest in YOUR world
    and as much as you love them
    YOU don’t want your guests to smoke in your world.
    no explanation needed!
    be a man about this, like a wall of flipping bricks!!

    DUMP HER AZZ and if she gives a toss
    and she probably won’t!!!! but if she does ….
    she can quit smoking and come back and reapply
    for your program of coolness !

  2. Clarissa H said :

    defenatly.if she dosent care about herself enough to stop smoking then how can she like u

  3. Aunt Mimi said :

    I’m not sure what you mean by ‘smokes them’ but I have ended relationships because of smoking habits. (I have very severe allergies.)

    I’m sure there are many people who would not think this is okay.

  4. fiveninebaby said :

    Yeah I would. I lived with a guy who smokes. Use to kill me. I put my head under the blanket. I could not breathe. She won’t quit for you. She has to quit for herself. I you can’t take it, you’ve got to go.

  5. M said :

    If it is somehting that bothers you..yes. I would sit and talk to her first before you break up…maybe she is willing to change or come to a compromise with you. But if she doesn’t budge, then you have every right to find someone else that doesnt smoke!

  6. noraanavycm said :

    just tell her how you feel about her smoking

  7. nimo22 said :

    With smokers there is no such thing as enjoying them in moderation. Decide if you can handle the fact that she smokes, if not leave. She will not and can not quit until she is ready and willing because it is so addictive. I dated a smoker for awhile, I vowed to never date another one, it’s a truly nasty habit.

  8. crackermelons said :

    everyone has that one thing they cannot STAND in someone else no matter what. I could not be with someone who smokes not only because of my asthma, but because I cannot stand the smell of them and cannot imagine kissing someone who smoked, let alone always having my clothes smell like cigarettes and inhaling 2nd hand smoke. I would encourage her to quit and if she can’t then I think it is perfectly alright to move on. It does not mean you do not love her, but what if it were actual drugs, you could fall in love with a person who does drugs, but you wouldn’t want to live with that person forever though you want to help them.

  9. melodywhore said :

    if this was a deal breaker from the start, why would you start dating a smoker? first of all, you can’t ask her to quit. if she wants to quit, you can support her but that’s all you can do. you can’t even ask her to cut down. you can’t enter into a relationship hoping that a person will change. because that never works. never.

  10. sharen d said :

    Smoking is an addiction.She could cut down but probably will always wnt to smoke.It’s hard to live with a smoker.It would be best if you find someone else that doesn’t smoke.

  11. joanne c said :

    i bet you have some disguisting habits and she had to put up with yours well same here your gonna have to put up with her’s but just ask her to sit bby an open window as second hand smoke is the biggest killer so she should have considered about you but that’s no reason to split up with a girl let her be it’s her life just ask her to sit by an open window or back door or in the garden as it’s getting on your chest or just say you suffered with asthma wen you where a kid and that much smoke could set it of again and if that does’nt stop her smoking exccessilivly in front of you dump her as she doesnt care about your health only herself

  12. mishka561 said :

    If your willing to conform to a “little” She may be objective to that..Didnt you meet her as a smoker? So you already knoew this entering the relationship…Now you want to tell her to slow down…I am not sure how I would take that (I dont smoke)..but that was an example..

    Anyway Good luck~

  13. Jbr said :

    Why don’t you get her to quit, or slow down first. Try giving up something yourself that isn’t healthy, like soft drinks or fast food, if she’ll stop smoking. If she doesn’t and it bugs you that much, then it is time to move on.

  14. Gina said :

    Sure it’s ok, if your not a smoker why would you want to be with a chain smoker. Why would you constantly want to be kissing an ashtray. You might not know it but your smoking too if she’s that bad and your clothes probably reek. It’s a tough habit to quit. Maybe with the right words and concern you can help her slow down. I think tho that if she has no desire to quit your wasting your time try to help her. Good luck.

  15. Ferrari Babe said :

    If this, or any other behaviour, is not acceptable to you, you need to do whatever is in your best interest. There is no need to solicit the approval of others since you are the only person who can ever have your own best interests in mind. You could maybe remind her about the dangers to her health and suggest she cut down if she can’t/won’t give up completely.

  16. westfield47130 said :

    First off…she doesn’t complete you… Only you can complete you. She can only enhance you and your life. As for the smoking thing…. Anyone can break up with someone for any reason… If it is truly an issue now it will be an issue if you make it legal and get married. So if it’s an issue…walk away. To expect her to quit would never work. She has to want to quit. If she quits for any other reason, she will only resent you…if you are the reason.

  17. MizBeingCute said :

    If you really love this girl and care about her a lot even if it hurts to tell her how you feel about something. Then, speak up and tell her how you feel. If she cares for you how you care for her then she’ll listen and understand how you feel about her smoking “them”.

  18. studmuffin said :

    did she smoke when you met her?if so,thenif it didnt bother you then,then why does it bother you now?i mean when 2 people pick each other,they take then for who they are,not what they look like and do.

  19. lovejones said :

    Well Paco do you also smoke? Yes you do! Did she smoke when you fell in love with her? Yes she did!! Do you smoke other things besides cigarettes that she don’t?? You do! And did she tell you that she would try to quit but its very hard when your smoking next to her! Why don’t you stop trying to find reasons to fight with your love and leave her or love her!!!


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