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how much does the blood take to recover from nicotine and other poison after give up smoking?

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8 Responses to “how much does the blood take to recover from nicotine and other poison after give up smoking?”

  1. mousepotato66 said :

    About 48 hours. It’s the psychological addiction to smoking that makes it so hard to give up. I know! *Reaches for lighter…* Ah, *puff*, that’s better! 🙂

  2. Alex said :

    I dont know but I’ve not had one in 2 and a half weeks and I still want one BAD

  3. p_l_gray said :

    Blood cells have a life expectancy of 120 days. However, smoking also damages bone marrow where the precursors to blood cells are formed.

    So you may see the long term effects on blood for many years after stopping.

  4. Raphael F said :

    Depends on your age and how long have you been smoking. A guy who is 40 yr and smokes since 20 yr takes about 10 yr to be “clean”.

  5. Ashlyn R said :

    You never do…

  6. Auntie Alex said :

    The actual nicotine in stays in your body for about 2 weeks. The psychological effects last longer as does the damage to organs etc.

  7. Grace said :

    I have been told that within hours, your body will show improvements towards the positive after giving up smoking.
    Your body wants to be healthy and it will do it’s best to try and start detoxifying as soon as possible.

  8. winteroseny said :

    I quit smoking in June. I stopped the excessive coughing within two days, the phlegm hacking within a week. I was smoking over a pack a day for many many years. My lungs are so clear now, no more sinus infections. I have always had severe allergies, but they aren’t making me as sick anymore. I don’t know about other states, but in New York they have a quit smoking hotline. They help you in every way possible, and work with you to mail you patches or nicotine gum at the lowest possible cost, depending on your insurance. Many insurances pay it all so it’s free. It’s worth it to just call and talk to them. N.Y.S. Smoker’s QuitLine- toll free- 1-866–697-8467 or 1-888-609-6292. You can also call American Cancer Society- 1-800-227-2345. American Lung Assoc.1-800-586-586-4872. Good luck, with the help of the nicotine gum I am still smoke free. I could not use the patches because I am allergic to the adhesive.

  9. kr.oxygenn said :


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