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is it easy to learn guitar on the internet?

i am guitar freak but oddly have never learnt. i am looking into buying and electric guitar later this month and i thought i’d give it a shot learning to play online cos i cant really afford a teacher. is this a good idea and can i go far on a personal lvl and learn to play well?

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9 Responses to “is it easy to learn guitar on the internet?”

  1. wiseman/guru said:

    Very difficult. Get some books (rudiments of music) some sheet music and a guitar. Start practicing. See (hear) you in three years time.

  2. jerantut8888 said:

    No. Dont be like me. I have been trying to learn the guitar for years.I had bought the best guitars and sold them and at time, I had electric , acoustic etc etc.What youneed is a simple guitar and a agood teacher-get 25 lessons and you are set. Get a teacher.Then you will practice on your own, Dont make my mistake!!

  3. Lucy said:

    It’s quite easy to teach yourself chords and rhythm from the internet or books, but not so much the harder stuff 🙂

  4. Clara said:

    I’m learning guitar, and my teacher has an inspiring story.

    When he was a kid, he really wanted to play guitar but his parents forced him towards piano. At age 13, he bought an accoustic guitar with his allowance, and learnt to play by watching YouTube, and off other internet sites. After 5 years, his parents realized how talented he was and got him a teacher.

  5. Sytheron said:

    Not quite easy, but possible 🙂
    If you really want to learn to play good you will need to practice a lot. I’m playing the guitar for 11 years now and I’m mostly self-educated. I can give you some directions.

    Don’t buy hundreds of guitars, buy one cheap that will do you for practice, best if you buy classic guitar because it has the widest neck.
    (later on you can switch to electric, on shorter neck and thinner strings is easier to play, so if you learn on classic guitar you will easy play on electric)
    Then get the program guitar pro, there you can see the guitar neck and where you should put your fingers and so on.

    Go on guitar lesson sites, and watch videos, learn the basic theory like what are chords, hammer on, pull offs and so on. You will find everything there don’t worry.
    Here are some good sites where you can find lot of free guitar lessons and videos:

    Practice is the most important thing you’ll need. When you get the technique you’ll easily play what you want and will easier understand the theory when you’ll be able to play it yourself.

    If you have any questions you can pm me, I can write you some beginners practices in guitar pro.


  6. mglamorgan said:

    You can do anything you put yourself into. If you want it you can make it. 😉

    I would suggest you read the music section on my website:

    There is an introdutory article in there to how to play guitar. I’m trying to write in a way that is simple to start. Let me know what you think and if you need any help just keep in touch using the contact me page.

    Good Luck

  7. Tom Fontana said:

    Well, learning the guitar isn’t really easy, neither with a personal teacher, nor over the internet. You will save loads of $$$ by learning online though, thats for sure. It can be done, loads of people have learned over the Internet, it just takes persistence and dedication.

  8. Q.Z. said:

    Well I would say the most accurate way to say it is that it depends on your ability to find information and your dedication/passion. If you both of those are your strong areas, you’ll do fine.

    The only use of a teacher is to let you learn information that is hard to find and keep you motivated.

  9. TiToleS 123 said:

    well i got an acoustic and know alot just from internet and friends, know up to 30 chords and different positons


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