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How easy is it to learn guitar?

I really want to learn to play the guitar… but i’m not sure if i’m going to have enough time. and i really don’t want to waste my money on a guitar… :[ im not going to have a guitar teacher so i’ll be learning by a book or something… i have alot of music background though! i play piano and violin so maybe that helps…?

please any suggestions? thanks

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7 Responses to “How easy is it to learn guitar?”

  1. ♀ Gσтнι¢ яσмαи¢є ♀ said:

    * It’s not as easy as A B C *

    Maybe you can buy a cheap guitar from ebay ? or ask a friend to lend it to you ?

    My Bf learnt everything he knows from a book thou =)

  2. sk8_king7066 said:

    i learned very very fast, but for most it takes a lot of time and effort

  3. soccer girl said:

    i played guitar for two years and it was pretty easy to learn but you have to keep practicing. i think it would be easier to learn by yourself cause i learned by having a guitar teacher… but i didn’t like the dude so that wasn’t fun. if you are interested in it, then you should try it.

  4. *~Luna~* said:

    since you played other instruments you know the basic’s on learnin and you know it takes a while to become considered good
    but you could learn basic chords which is all you need to really know
    but it won’t take just a few weeks
    just practice a lot and maybe ask a kid or someone you know who plays guitar just for a little help on getting started
    good luck

  5. rebel090 said:

    I’m a self-taught guitarist and I can tell you that it will be a bit challenging. Haha but what else is new, right? My suggestion to you is to go buy a $100 First Act guitar and play around with that. But actually try to learn songs you like. If you’re solely messing around, you tend to get bored. Once you play for a while, you’ll know whether or not you’re interested in continuing. But seeing as you play piano and violin haha…I think you’ll be pretty well off.

    Good Luck!

  6. kaw316 said:

    It might be very easy for you or it can take time. I’m restarting to play guitar (i played when i was younger) and it taking me AWHILE… You just have to go at your on rate (i don’t have lot of time either to devote)

  7. Prologue_Epilogue said:

    well i learned bass guitar so that helped me a bunch…..
    the first four strings of a bass is E, A, D, G so is the first 4 stings of a guitar

    i heard violin was backwards (G, D, A, E) so that will be confusing

    but since i already knew how to read notes it was really easy for me to learn guitar
    i’m still not like a professional but i can play a lot of songs on acoustic guitar

    electric guitar is nicer on the fingers, and easier to move up and down on the string

    i learned from a book also
    but most books only show the actual notes in the first book
    then they get into tabs in like the second book

    TABS ARE EASIER TO READ THAN THEY LOOK (i look here 98% of the time. really good site) (sometimes people cover songs then post a link on the side to where they have tabs or people teach you how to play songs in the video) (if you’re into christian music)

    you may feel skeptical towards reading tabs (i was when i first saw them). it’s completely different from sheet music. but you’ll get the hang of it
    it’s not hard

    you shouldnt right away learn tabs and stuff. at least get through the beginners book. beginning books teach you like 5-10 chords that are really easy.

    if you really love guitar and want to pursue it, then go to intermediate, advanced, etc. tabs dont really teach you much about guitar

    once you learn the beginners book then look for tabs/chords for these songs:

    bubbly by colbie caillat
    yellow submarine by the beatles
    you and me by lifehouse
    she could be you by shawn hlookoff (uses same chords as you and me)
    smoke on water by deep purple
    iron man by black sabbath (?)
    lovebug by the jonas brothers (kinda hard so try it after you’re comfortable with the other songs)
    lyrical lies by cute is what we aim for
    kiss me by sixpence none the richer

    sorry if my info was not organized. i just added stuff as i went along when i remembered it


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