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Easy way to learn Guitar chords?

There any sites that make guitar chords easy to learn..
Or anyone run through the basics now..

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5 Responses to “Easy way to learn Guitar chords?”

  1. banjoman said:

    When I was learning guitar, I used to just play lots of songs from a songbook, doing them over and over and over. Even singing along. The only way to learn it is to do it. You can’t learn to play guitar by looking at a computer. You’ve got to PLAY the guitar!

  2. kaisergirl said:

    Get a good chord chart and practice like crazy. Also youtube has alot of beginners lessons.

  3. itsjustme said:
  4. reeda said:

    Actually there is a system. You just need to learn the basic chords, without those it’s nearly impossible. Well, not nearly, then it’s not possible. Anyway, there is a system, as i said. I hope you know where the notes are on different strings. So from there if you learn for example all the A chords like Am and A7 etc and all the E chords like E7 and Em, then later you can use them to create any other chords by using barre. Well, i also hope you know what is a barre. The rest is pretty easy.
    When you are using the A way of playing, then the bass note is on the 5th string, when using the E way, then it’s on the 6th string. So if you know that for example if you press down the 6th string on the third fret then you’ll get the G note, you know that you can use the E way of playing, because the bass is on the 6th string.
    I know it sounds just craaaazyyyy and very messy, but it really makes actually sense. If you’ll get the system, then the rest is easy. Of course, you must know the basics, like the notes (at least the ones on the 6th and 5th string), but that’s not so hard to learn. Practice this barre and soon you’ll be pro at chords lol.
    Good luck. Enjoy!

  5. Learn Guitar Online said:

    Learning anything on the guitar takes time and patience. Don’t be surprised if it’s more difficult than you think but if you are willing to put the time in you will be able to learn. Here are a few guidelines.

    1. Work slowly. Speed is not important at this point. It is much better to play slow and be accurate in your practice. The speed will follow automatically.

    2. Set aside consistent time for practice each day. A minimum of thirty minutes daily is needed to make steady progress. The constant repetition of the movements will help you progress as quick as possible.

    3. When playing guitar chords, always use the least amount of movement possible. Keep your fingers close to the guitar. Never move a finger that you don’t have to.

    4. Move all of your fingers at the same time. When going from chord to chord, make one move, not a series of movements that involve each finger. Another way to say this might be, fingers off together, fingers on together.

    5. Strive to play in time from guitar chord to guitar chord with no breaks between the guitar chords. Keep a steady tempo. If you do not have a metronome I would highly recommend you get one.

    As mentioned earlier, youtube has a variety of video lessons you can use. There is also a series of 15 lessons you can look at here,, to help get you started.


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