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is it good to drink monster lo-crab energy drink when you have a low heart rate?

i’ve heard that when you drink energy drinks,t hat it increases your heart rate or something. so would it be bad to drink one if the doctor told you that yorue heart rate was lower than usual?

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6 Responses to “is it good to drink monster lo-crab energy drink when you have a low heart rate?”

  1. Frassle said :

    A lower heart rate is usually indicative of good health. Unless your DR said you have a specific condition you should be ok. If you are that concearned call your Dr.

  2. dreamer said :

    it will increase your heart rate, but only for a limited time
    and if you drink it constantly, or too much, then your blood pressure will increase to above normal and you’ll have more trouble than before
    just stay how you are, as long as you’re healthy energy drinks are only useful when you need a boost of energy for a single exercise or moment
    or google it, you’ll see their disadvantages

  3. deinna said :

    It doesn’t necessarily follow. It’s okay coffee can also make your heart beat faster. There are also many drinks that are stimulants but be careful.

  4. jenny b said :

    No the caffine will increase your heart rate and raise your blood pressure rapidly then when it is through your system you crash down hard.

  5. bumpbump said :

    I’m not sure – perhaps best to see your local pharmacist or phone and speak with the trained people on N H S line.

    Keep well my friend.

  6. Br8 Scott said :

    I like to use BAZI The power shot is by far the healthiest among popular Energy Drinks and the results are really…. happy. No Joke. The first time I tried BAZI was on a whim. I drank two shots and time just seemed to speed up. After work that day my mood could only be described as sunshine. It seems to be the kind of drink that doesn’t make you crash afterwards, which is much appreciated.

    My grandma just got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. My mom said that she’s got mad vitamin deficiencies, so I’m going to order her a box of BAZI shots. The drink is made of 8 superfruits and is chock full of vitamins and minerals. One of the fruits is seabuckthorn, which actually is found to improve the cardiovascular system. It’s a funny thing to do because I’m sure if I ordered her Red Bull, I would probably be putting her health at risk. Drink for thought.


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