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How to drink energy drinks behind my parents back?

I had a monster a couple times but i got in trouble for drinking it. It is like a drug for me! I need it! Im craving it! My parents wont let me have them so how can i buy them and drink them behind my parents back?

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42 Responses to “How to drink energy drinks behind my parents back?”

  1. *KC* said :

    Go to the store, buy it, and drink it before you get home… hope it doenst make you hyper cuz your parents will so know… or just resist the urge….

  2. starkiller said :

    drink it in the shop

  3. Billy Bob Jr. said :

    You’re addicted to it. Not good.

  4. Jennie said :


    Okay just buy it and drink it whilst your out and have a chewing gum before you get in so they can’t smell it. (Y)

  5. mrs_g2 said :

    How about you abide by their rules instead?
    Those things are not at all healthy.

  6. Nicki Knoxville said :

    Did you ever stop to think that they dont want you to drink it bc you are a MONSTER yourself?

    Do you know the meaning of social responsibility?

    It means to take consideration of your own actions for the sake of people in your surroundings…

    In your language it means: No brat.. You’re too hyper on them and your parents hate it!

  7. caldy said :

    if you can buy them without them knowing just put it in a soda bottle like a mountain dew and they wont be able to tell the difference

  8. Lind Z said :

    i really lol’d

    tell them its not illegal and you can drink whatever the hell you want.

  9. .:~ B@dOnKiE ~:. said :

    Stand behind them and chug!!!!

  10. Sasha said :

    Haha, well, you can tell your parents your hanging out with friends, and hang out with friends, and buy a monster and drink it? haha 🙂

  11. Munzy G said :


  12. Snaredrums said :

    I ain’t helping!

    Don’t.. just don’t…

  13. Yazmin said :

    Your parents want whats best for you so simple answer dont drink it!

  14. Darren said :

    go to the store and buy them and drink them b4 you come home make sure u go home AFTER youve goten hyper :L

  15. startrekunit said :

    When you’re out, walking around, hanging out with friends or w/e, just buy one and drink it and dispose of the can before you go home. If you’re with your parents, get one and pour it into a cup that you can carry around with you. Say it’s ginger ale.

  16. thebombdiggity;] said :

    It’s not nice. But go to the store with your friends, and buy some and drink them before you get back and just throw the can away. Make sure your breath don’t smell like them though, that’s how I got caught. It wasn’t pretty ..

  17. Serious Answers Only said :

    you know they have energy gum, mints, and candy…..if your just looking for the rush

  18. Thomas said :

    Don’t drink them, they’re not the best thing to put in your body. 🙁

  19. MB said :

    need is a strong word.
    may i suggest not drinking them??
    maybe you should listen to your parents.
    take a sec to read your paragraph and see how desparate you are for just some drink!!!
    come on boy!!!

    not trying to be rude..just OPEN YOUR EYES and close ur mouth

  20. coolpix135 said :

    Buy it at the store. pay for it. drink it right outside the store. throw the can away.
    stop drinking it because it is bad for you.

  21. Jacob said :

    Go to the store…. open the fridge thing and go to the counter.

    Take out your wallet (or money clip… but neither are needed) and the nice person (or an idiot if its Pathmark or sweet bay) will say $2.79 please

    You then take some money out of whatevers holding it… hand it to the person and say thanks, have a nice day.

    And open the cap and drink it….. Not that difficult.

  22. Cindy M said :

    Listen to your parents or just get small energy drink cans

  23. N3RD said :

    Energy drinks can be really harmful in excess and maybe with your apparent addiction its best that you cut back. I’d switch to coffee or even a good cup of tea can help you get your caffine fix until you can buy your own energy drinks. if your parents are still governing your life like that, your probably too young to be consuming that much caffine. you’ll stunt your growth!

  24. Mitch said :

    Your bad.

  25. E.B. said :

    Go to the store and bring a small bag with you, buy the energy drink(s), put them in the bag and then hide them right when you get home.

  26. shiningmelodies. said :

    Duh, sneak out and then drink out.
    Just go to your friend’s house or after school.
    Ta da.

  27. naresa said :

    my mom is like that but i get my dad to buy mine. but if you can go to a store after school buy one and put it in your backpack so they won’t see it.

  28. ♫Liz♫ said :

    You shouldn’t drink monster. It’s bad and you’re addicted, so you should stop while you can.

  29. Ariyah said :

    give a friend the money and tell them to buy it for you and have him give it to you in school a drink in during lunch time

  30. Annebelle said :

    maybe its a good thing they wont let you drink it, those things are nasty, and you sound slightly obsesed lol

  31. Panerra said :

    Obviously, don’t drink it. That’s where addiction starts, and that’s bad, and will cost you more than money. Chew gum or something. Plus, monsters are disgusting, I’ve never had one but they smell like medicine.

  32. Mad Spinach said :

    hahaha well energy drinks are terrible for you anyways and not to mention full of calories so if I were you I’d try to kick the habit. Or if it’s just the energy you want maybe your parents would let you have coffee or at least a coke or something

  33. F M said :

    There isn’t an age limit to buy it like cigarettes and alcohol so go to the store and buy it yourself and if you don’t want to get caught by your parent’s drink it at school and have your friends buy it…personally I wouldn’t recommend hiding this from your parent’s. Why not talk to them and see if they would let you have like one a day?

  34. Cindy J said :

    Well going to a gas station and buying one without them knowing shouldn’t be that difficult. I would however advise against it. Not only would you be going against your parents rules but, also that stuff is not good for you. One of 12 year old daughters was getting it at a friend’s house. She would crash really bad a few hours later and after we told her no more – she was craving it. But, she got over the cravings pretty quickly.

  35. J-dub said :

    as much as i love energy drinks myself i realize they are very bad for me..

    there is a reason your rents wont let you drink them.

    the glucose(sugar) in them causes your body to stop burning fat because it now has glucose to burn. this could potentially make you fat….

    if a caffiene buzz is what you are looking for you may want to purchase some caffeine pills from a gas station they are like 2 to 4 dollars… they will satisfy you because you are addicted to the caffiene which IS a drug.

    though you seem young so i would not take a whole one at first to assess your tolerance.

    Getting addicting to caffiene at a young age is not healthy at all and could lead to your body becoming very worn out very young. natural energy gained from carbs and fruit and things is much better for you and tends to last longer..

    and those healthy things also boost your metabolism causing you to lose weight if you are fat…

  36. Ella said :

    You know those things will shorten your life span, right?

  37. Y2J FTW!™[WYW Co-Owner] said :

    Energy Drinks aren’t good for you at all.Sure they may tast good,but it increase blood pressure and Heart Rate

    Over 30 percent of teenagers, and 34 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds, consume energy drinks on a regular basis, according to a report by the Marin Institute. These drinks are heavily marketed to teens as a harmless way to boost energy, but in reality they’ve been linked to serious health effects.

    Still, in 2006 alone, energy drinks brought in more than $3.2 billion in sales, and up to 500 new energy drink products were introduced worldwide. And sales continue to grow, despite the largely unpublicized risks.

    The obvious danger stems from the high levels of caffeine (some energy drinks contain up to 300 mg of caffeine, compared with 80 mg for a typical cup of coffee), which can lead to:

    Increased anxiety and panic attacks

    Increased blood pressure

    Bowel irritability


    Increased gastric acid

    Meanwhile, ingesting 500 mg or more of caffeine (the amount easily ingested in four to eight servings of typical energy drinks) can lead to caffeine intoxication that can cause:




    Chest mains

    Neurological symptoms



    However, there are even more concerning risks surrounding these drinks that parents and teens need to be aware of.

  38. Taylor said :

    you and a buddy (or just you) shud just walk or skate or something to a nearby gas station or grocery store and buy one and drink it on the way home….it will be gone by the time your parents see you 😀 OR
    have a friend buy some, whose parents will let them, and go to THEIR house to drink them. your parents wont know.
    good luck 😀

  39. JAY S said :

    It been proved that its not good for kids and the elderly, if you live under your parents roof then you must be a kid, so don’t drink it…Go buy some juice or something I recommend pomegranate juice the good stuff not that junk with the added sugar “HFCS”

    I know you don’t like my answer but i’m just being honest with you.

  40. Tyrone Biggums said :

    It ain’t nothing man! You too one day could be like Tyrone!!! Watch this documentry of none other than me. It’s Tyrone Baby!!! :

  41. floopyman007g said :
  42. yuri.zhdanovp said :
  43. bs073w said :


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