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Is there any kind of iced tea or green tea that is vegan?

I know that green tea has honey in it, are there any teas that are vegan? Is crystal light tea vegan?


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7 Responses to “Is there any kind of iced tea or green tea that is vegan?”

  1. La Vie Boheme said:

    Make homemade tea! Hot water, teabags, lemon and a sweetener is all you need.

  2. ¿Puedo pensar por favor? said:

    If you make it at home you should be fine.Or go into a health food store, go in the tea section and look at the ingredients

  3. xxx☺xxx said:

    well if its not made from tea leaves (impossible unless its fake) then it has to be fake……or unheard of or vegan?

    wait ur the one whos askin the Q………..ah crap

  4. claude clay said:

    Herbalife sells a wonderful green tea with flavors like lemon, peach and rasberry. They call it a herbal concentrate. Cyrstal LIght is not natural – it has artificial sweeteners in it – the worst possible thing you could put in your body.

  5. Cameron said:

    Hi, I use Twinnings green tea, which is nice. You can also get green tea with cranberry, with lemon, etc

  6. VeggieTart said:

    Many teas are made without honey; you can also just buy teabags and make your own. It’s only some bottled green tea drinks that have honey. Honest Tea has a Citrus Energy Green Tea that’s quite tasty and vegan.

    The problem with Crystal Light is it has a number of artificial ingredients in it, but I think it is technically vegan.

  7. Greed was the death of democracy said:

    You could probably save $100 in just two or three months if you make your own.


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